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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 21, 2022; 28(39): 5691-5706
Published online Oct 21, 2022. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v28.i39.5691
Table 1 Selected human studies assessing various treatment approaches in metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease and chronic kidney disease
Meneses et al[69]Bariatric surgeryStabilization of fibrosis or complete resolution; ↓ NAFLD fibrosis score
Li et al[70]GLP1-RA↓ Liver fat
Morieri et al[71]GLP1-RA↓ MAFLD prevalence
Jianping et al[72]GLP1-RAImprovement in histological MAFLD features
Akuta et al[73]Canagliflozin↓ Histological steatosis, lobular inflammation, and fibrosis stage
Takahashi et al[74]Ipragliflozin↓ Hepatic fibrosis; Steatohepatitis resolution
Pakravan et al[75]Melatonin↓ Inflammation; Improvement of ultrasonographic fatty liver grade
Akhavan et al[76]Melatonin↓ Hepatic enzyme levels
Rinella et al[77]Obeticholic acid↓ Hepatic enzyme levels↓ Liver fibrosis
Neuschwander-Tetri et al[78]Obeticholic acidImprovement in histological features
Mohamad Nor et al[79]Probiotics↔ Elastography-derived hepatic steatosis and fibrosis
Derosa et al[80]Probiotics↓ Hepatic steatosis index; ↓ Ultrasonographic steatosis
Musazadeh et al[81]Probiotics↓ Hepatic enzyme levels
Funes et al[82]Bariatric surgery↑ eGFR
Wee et al[83]Bariatric surgery↑ eGFR↓ Albuminuria
Fathy et al[84]Bariatric surgery↓ Albuminuria
Dash et al[85]Bariatric surgery↓ Kidney disease incidence
Shaman et al[86]GLP1-RAs↓ Albuminuria; Halted eGFR decline
Perkovic et al[87]CanagliflozinReduction in the renal outcome (ESKD, doubling of serum creatinine, or renal death) by 34%
Heerspink et al[88]DapagliflozinReduction in the renal outcome (decline in eGFR of ≥ 50%, ESKD, or renal death) by 44%
Bhatt et al[89]SotagliflozinReduction in the renal outcome (decline in eGFR of ≥ 50%, ESKD, renal transplantation) by 29%
Wang et al[90]ProbioticHalted eGFR decline; ↓ Inflammation