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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 21, 2018; 24(31): 3521-3530
Published online Aug 21, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i31.3521
Table 1 Effect of different proteasome inhibitors on organ preservation
InhibitorOrgan and conditionManifestationsRef.
PS-519Heart after IRI (rat)Improved cardiac contractilityCampbell et al[99]
Improved coronary flow
Reduced PMN infiltration
EpoxomicinHeart after cold ischemia (rat)Reduced edema formationGeng et al[70]
Preserved ultrastructural integrity
MG132Liver, warm IRI (rat)Decreased LDH and ALTAlexandrova et al[4]
Increased protein oxidation
Decreased antioxidant activities
MG132Liver, cold IRI (rat)Decreased AST and ALTZaouali et al[71]
Reduced inflammation (IL1β and TNFα)
BortezomidLiver, cold IRI (rat)Decreased AST, ALT and mitochondrial damageZaouali et al[71]
Increased bile productionBejaoui et al[72]
Decreased lipid peroxidation
Decreased apoptosis (Cyt C and Caspase 3)