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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 21, 2018; 24(31): 3513-3520
Published online Aug 21, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i31.3513
Table 1 Summary of results in randomized-controlled trials of active agent vs placebo or no treatment
AgentTreatmentNo. of patients (n)BMD changes at 1 yr (%)BMD changes at 2 yr (%)Fractures (n)
Etidronate400 mg/d (3 mo cycles)6 (etidronate)+1.0 (L), +0.2 (F)N/A0
Wolfhagen et al[43], 19976 (no treatment)3-1.7 (L), +0.4 (F)0
Lindor et al[6], 2000400 mg/d (3 mo cycles)29 (etidronate)+0.7 (L), +1.3 (F)+1.0 (L), +0.5 (F)4 (V)
31 (placebo)-0.6 (L), +0.9 (F)+2.6 (L), +0.8 (F)4 (V)
Alendronate70 mg/wk15 (alendronate)+10.4 (L)12, +1.4 (F)1N/A1 (V), 0 (P)
Zein et al[44], 200513 (placebo)-0.1 (L)1, -2.1 (F)10 (V), 1 (P)
HRT50 mcg twice weekly TD estradiol + 2.5 mg/d progestin8 (HRT)+3.1 (L)2, +1.7 (F)12N/A0
Ormarsdottir et al[51], 20049 (no treatment)3+1.0 (L), -0.6 (F)10
Boone et al[9], 20060.05 mg/d TD estradiol + 0.25 mg/d TD progestin8 (HRT)N/A-0.6 (L), +0.2 (F)0 (V)
14 (placebo)-0.8 (L), -3.7 (F)22 (V)
Sodium fluoride50 mg/d sodium fluoride8 (fluoride)N/A+2.9 (L)10
Guañabens et al[7], 19928 (placebo)-6.6 (L)120
Calcitriol0.5 mcg/d BID calcitriol17 (calcitriol)+0.1 (L)1N/AN/A
Shiomi et al[38], 199917 (no treatment)3-3.1 (L)1
Vitamin K45 mg/d vitamin K215 (vitamin K)+0.3 (L)1-0.8 (L)1N/A
Nishiguchi et al[57], 200115 (no treatment)3-3.5 (L)1-6.9 (L)1
Table 2 Summary of results in comparative randomized controlled trials of different agents for treatment of osteoporosis in primary biliary cholangitis
AgentTreatmentNo. of patients (n)BMD changes at 1 yr (%)BMD changes at 2 yr (%)Fractures (n)
Guañabens et al[39], 1997
Etidronate400 mg/d (3 mo cycles)13 (etidronate)-0.1 (L), -0.4 (F)+0.5 (L)2, -0.2 (F)0 (V), 3 (P)
Sodium fluoride50 mg/d sodium fluoride10 (fluoride)-1.7 (L), -0.6 (F)-2.1 (L), -1.5 (F)2 (V), 2 (P)
Guañabens et al[45], 2003
Alendronate10 mg/d13 (alendronate)+5.8 (L)12, +3.9 (F)120 (V), 2 (P)
Etidronate400 mg/d (3 mo cycles)13 (etidronate)+1.9 (L)1, +0.4 (F)10 (V), 1 (P)
Guañabens et al[2], 2005
Alendronate10 mg/d16 (alendronate)+3.3 (L)2, +1.2 (F)2
Alendronate70 mg/wk10 (alendronate)+1.2 (L), -0.3 (F)
Guañabens et al[46], 2013
Ibandronate150 mg/mo14 (ibandronate)+3.8 (L), +1.0 (F)+5.7 (L)2, +1.1 (F)0 (V), 0 (P)
Alendronate70 mg/wk19 (alendronate)+4.6 (L), +1.4 (F)+4.5 (L)2, +2.5 (F)1 (V), 0 (P)