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World J Gastroenterol. Jun 14, 2011; 17(22): 2708-2714
Published online Jun 14, 2011. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v17.i22.2708
Table 1 Current recommended vaccination program for adult inflammatory bowel disease patients[1-3]
TetanusPurified anatoxinRecommendedEvery 10 yr
PoliomyelitisInjectable: inactivatedRecommendedEvery 10 yr
PertussisAcellular antigenAuthorizedEvery 10 yr
Hepatitis BRecombinant peptideRecommendedSingle/double doses?
Pneumococcal disease23-valent purified antigenRecommendedEvery 5 yr
Single/double doses?
InfluenzaInactivated virusRecommendedAnnually
Human papillomavirus infectionRecombinant L1 proteinAuthorized??
Measles,mumps and rubellaLive attenuatedContraindicated during immunosuppression??
VaricellaLive attenuatedContraindicated during immunosuppressionDouble dose (4 wk interval)
Haemophilus influenzae B diseaseConjugated capsular polyosidique antigenAuthorizedSingle dose
Table 2 World distribution of travel-related preventable illnesses and current recommended vaccination program for adult inflammatory bowel disease patients
IllnessRegions with high and intermediate endemicityVaccine/scheduleRecommendation
Hepatitis AHigh: AfricaInactivated virus (every 10 yr)Authorized
South America, Middle East Southeast Asia, China
Intermediate: Southern and Eastern Europe
Yellow feverAfrica: Sub-Saharan AfricaLive attenuated (every 10 yr)Contraindicated during immunosuppression
America: Central and South America17D strain (17D-204 /17DD)
Meningococcal diseaseEurope: Serogroups B, CConjugate polysaccharide CAuthorized
Americas: Serogroups B, C, YPolysaccharide combined A+CAuthorized
Africa and Asia: serogroups A, C, W135Polysaccharide combined A+C+W+Y (single dose among persons aged 11-55)Authorized
TyphoidHigh: Southern AfricaVi Capsular polysaccharide (single dose IM. Booster dose every 2-3 yr for those at risk)Authorized
Western, Eastern South central and Southeastern Asia
Intermediate: Eastern, Middle and Northern Africa, Western Asia, Latin America/Caribbean, Oceania
CholeraAfrica: Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania and West AfricaOral Killed (2 doses at 1-6 wk interval with a buffer to protect the B-subunit against stomach acidity)Authorized
South and Central America: Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, NicaraguaOral liveContraindicated during immunosuppression
Asia: Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka
RabiesHigh: Africa, Asia, parts of Central and South AmericaCell culture-derived vaccine (travellers, not handling animals: 2 doses, at days 0-28. If risk continues booster dose at 6-12 mo)Authorized
Intermediate: Eastern Europe, parts of central and South America (Chile, Argentina)
Japanese encephalitisSoutheast AsiaCell culture-derived vaccine (2 doses, at days 0-28 booster dose?)Authorized
Far East
Tick-borne encephalitisEurope: Central and EasternInactivated virus (3 doses at 0,1 and 12 mo)Use with caution
Europe, Russia
Asia: China, Siberia, Russian Fareast
Table 3 Preventive measures for inflammatory bowel disease patients coming from developing countries (mainly while taking immunosuppressants or before starting)
South AmericaMaghreb and Western OrientSub-Saharan AfricaSoutheast Asia and IndiaOther
Thick dropConsiderNoAlwaysConsiderNo
Stool parasiteAlwaysConsiderAlwaysAlwaysNo
Urine parasiteNoNoAlwaysNo
Strongyloides (culture, serology)AlwaysConsiderAlwaysAlwaysNo1
Trypanosoma (serology)AlwaysNoNoNoNo
Histoplasma (serology)AlwaysNoAlwaysNoNo
HBV and HCV (serology)AlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlways
Tuberculin skin test or IGRAAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlways