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Prof. Akbulut graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 1999. In 2008, he completed his residency in General Surgery at the Baskent University Faculty of Medicine. During his residency, he learned the details of liver transplantation from Prof. Mehmet Haberal, who is a worldwide known academician in the field of organ transplantation. In the following years, he started his surgical and academic life at Diyarbakır Research and Training Hospital. In 2011-2012, Prof. Akbulut completed fellowship in liver transplant surgery in Liver Transplant Institute in Inonu University Faculty of Medicine, one of the most important living donor liver transplant centres in the world. He became one of the faculty member of the Inonu University Liver Transplant Institute in 2014. He learned the degree of associate professorship in 2013 and he became full professor of surgery in Inonu University in 2020. Porf. Akbulut performed over 500 hepatectomies (donor hepatectomy, tumour surgery, benign liver disease, etc.) as a member of the donor team of the Institute of Liver Transplantation at Inonu University Malatya. He was admitted to the International College of Surgeons (FICS) in 2012 and the American College of Surgeons (FACS) in 2013. Most of Dr Akbulut's studies are on hepato-pancreatico-biliary surgery and liver transplantation, hydatid disease and appendiceal disease. Dr Akbulut is especially interested in malignant and benign diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas and gall bladder surgery, and living donor hepatectomy. Prof. Akbulut completed his PhD studies in Public health in 2020 and is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Bioinformatics. Prof. Akbulut has 314 articles in total and his H-index is 25. For the last two years in a row, he earned a great success and has entered the list of Stanford University regarding the most influential scientists in the world.