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World J Gastrointest Surg. Jun 27, 2017; 9(6): 139-148
Published online Jun 27, 2017. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v9.i6.139
Table 1 Publications of “no surgery” for rectal cancer including minimum 20 patients in their study (2006-2016)
Ref.No. of patientsLocal recurrence (%)Systemic recurrence%undergoing salvage surgeryDisease free survivalOverall survival %
Habr-Gama et al[23]90 (183)28/9014%936891 at 5 yr
Maas et al[24]211/2101009391 at 2 yr
Smith et al[25]326/323/32NA8896 at 2 yr
Araujo et al[26]425/427/428060.971.6 at 5 yr
Renehan et al[35]12944/129336/418896 at 3 yr
Table 2 Publications of transanal minimal invasive surgery for early rectal cancer including minimum 15 patients with invasive adenocarcinoma in their study (2010-2016)
Ref.No. of patients (# with cancer)Distant from AVDuration of surgery (min)Length of stay (d)Complications (%)Positive margin: Local recurrence (%)
Albert et al[47]50 (23)8.1 cm? NA0.666:4
McLemore et al[57]32 (16)NA1232.515NA
Hahnloser et al[51]75 (38)6.4773.419NA
Gill et al[58]32 (21)7.51311.16NA
Rega et al[59]55 (26)NA78NA4?9
Keller et al[49]75 (17)1076147:1
Quaresima et al[55]31 (17)NANA39.63 (3)