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World J Gastrointest Surg. May 27, 2017; 9(5): 127-138
Published online May 27, 2017. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v9.i5.127
Table 1 General bibliometric characteristics of four data-bases concerning the topic
Total number of publications1587117211081221
Total number of journals334265364N/A
Total number of journals with one article only163140201N/A
Total number of languages (n = 21)5111719
Total number of countries of authors (n = 70)6355N/A63
Total number of research areas (WoS categories)48424921
Table 2 Document type distribution in four data-bases
Document typeWoSBIOSISMEDLINEScopus
Journal article8707001057970
Congress proceedings576139
Meeting abstract54331300
Book chapter6908
Evaluation study00280
Multicenter study00190
Randomized controlled trial00150
Validation study00110
Table 3 Language distribution of publications on the topic abstracted in four data-bases
Other (11)03 (5)7 (15)9 (15)
Table 4 “Core” journals on the topic in four data-bases
RankJournal titleWoSBIOSISMEDLINEScopus
2J Clin Oncol9641213
3Br J Cancer52474547
4Anticancer Res46543939
5Cancer Res43451414
6Eur J Cancer38362020
7Clin Cancer Res3693434
8Dis Colon Rectum3342419
9Oncol Rep28282828
10Int J Cancer27252626
Total "core" journals - n (%)10 (2.99)10 (3.76)10 (2.75)10 (N/A)
Total publications - n (%)514 (32.39)352 (30.03)255 (23.01)257 (21.05)
Table 5 Most productive authors on the topic in four data-bases
RankAuthor’s nameWoSBIOSISMEDLINEScopus
1Ahlquist DA2531108
2Mori M22141620
3Doki Y17111316
4Nielsen HJ1712211
5Lugli A161456
6Mimori K16101114
7Zlobec I161456
8Inoue Y1441010
9Ishi H1481114
10Mahoney DW141112
Table 6 Most productive authors - inventors on the topic in Derwent
Karl JGermanyPenzbergRoche Diagnostic GmbH9
Choquet- Kastylevsky GFranceNancy LetoileBiomerieux SA9
Charrier JPFranceNancy LetoileBiomerieux SA9
Ataman-Oenal YFranceNancy LetoileBiomerieux SA6
Beaulieu CFranceNancy LetoileBiomerieux SA6
Ahlquist DAUnited StatesRochesterMayo Clinic4
Table 7 Most productive institutions on the topic in WoS and in Scopus
1German Cancer Research Center2926
2Mayo Clinic2917
3Harvard University2814
4Osaka University2525
5Kyushu University2222
6Universität Heidelberg2519
7Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München2123
8Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center2012
9Kaohsiung Medical University1522
10University of Copenhagen239
Table 8 Most productive institutions - assignees on this topic in Derwent
Biomerieux SAFrance9
Hoffmann La RocheSwitzerland9
Mayo Medical Education and ResearchUnited States4
Ruiqu Biotechnology Shanghai Co. LtdChina3
Signature Diagnostics GmbHGermany3
Shimadzu CorporationJapan3
Ver Christelijk Wetenschappel OnderwThe Netherlands3
Fudan UniversityChina3
Table 9 Dominant research areas (WoS categories) on the topic in three data-bases
RankResearch area (WoS category)WoSBIOSISMEDLINE
2Gastroenterology and hepatology2971084166
5Cell biology4742231
6Biochemistry and molecular biology42266703
7Medical laboratory technology3339348
8Pharmacology and pharmacy27144190
9Radiology, nuclear medicine and medical imaging251530
10Genetics and heredity24402490
11Public, environmental and occupational health232229
14Nutrition and dietetics51617
15Endocrinology and metabolism39822
Table 10 Cumulative citation patterns on the topic in WoS and BIOSIS
Citation parameterWoSBIOSIS
Total number of publications15871172
Sum of the times cited2511613297
Sum of the times cited without self-citations2409212777
Percentage of these times cited95.9296.09
Citing articles1960711061
Citing articles without self-citations1912010779
Percentage of these citing articles97.5297.45
Average citations per item15.8311.35
Average citations per year810.19443.23
Articles cited at least once961643
Percentage of these articles60.5554.86
Table 11 Ten most cited articles on the topic in three data-bases
Ref.Journal title, volume, year and pagesWoSBIOSISScopus
Ng et al[14]Gut 2009; 58: 1375-1381593447656
Bast et al[15]J Clin Oncol 2001; 19: 1865-1878552314670
Cui et al[16]Science 2003; 299: 1753-1755472400530
No author list[17]J Clin Oncol 1996; 14: 2843-2877388234Absent
Walther et al[18]Nat Rev Cancer 2009; 9: 489-499315243348
Duffy[19]Clin Chem 2001; 47: 624-630253141289
Duffy et al[20]Eur J Cancer 2007; 43: 1348-1360245160276
Nakamori et al[21]Gastroenterology 1994; 106: 353-361234179219
Sturgeon et al[22]Clin Chem 2008; 54: E11-E79211Absent255
Duffy et al[23]Eur J Cancer 2003; 39: 718-727202120235
Table 12 Bibliometric characteristics of scientific forums on the topic in WoS and BIOSIS
Number of forum titles9573
Number of unique forums170203
Number of publications377432
Number of forums with a single event only7152
Number of forums with two events95
Number of forums with three events52
Number of forums with one publication only57117
Number of forums with two publications1034
Number of forums with three publications516
Maximal number of events of a unique forum1227
Maximal number of publications in a unique forum58102
Table 13 Scientific forums with most events and papers in them on the topic in WoS and BIOSIS
Scientific forum titleWoS
Digestive Disease Week12582590
Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research41727102
Annual Meeting of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology10341129
Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology84900
European Society for Medical Oncology Congress71715
World Congress of Gastrointestinal Cancer72400
Meeting of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine36916
Meeting of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland551111
European Congress of Pathology001122
Annual Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology4556
Table 14 Scientific forums with “tumour or cancer (bio)markers” in their titles in WoS and BIOSIS
Scientific forum titleWoS
Hamburg Symposium on Tumor Markers2358
Congress (Meeting) of the International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers3422
Annual Meeting of the EORTC/NCI/ASCO on Molecular Markers in Cancer1212
Annual Conference on Diet and Cancer: Markers, Prevention, and Treatment1100
International Symposium on Tumor Markers - From Biology to Therapy1100
Joint Meeting on Markers in Cancer of ASCO, EORTC and NCI0011
Table 15 Specialized journals with the term of “(bio)markers” in their titles in four data-bases
RankJournal titleWoSScopusMEDLINEBIOSISTotal
1Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev0001515
2Int J Biol Markers50119131
3Cancer Biomarkers787881
4Disease Markers555551
5J Tumor Marker Oncol030661
7Biomarkers Med00101
8Genet Testing Mol Biomarkers101011
Total number of publications20162745511
Total number of journals536681
Countries of authors19132020251
Countries of journals524551
Articles in domestic journals21214111
Articles in journals published abroad18152531401