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World J Gastrointest Surg. May 27, 2011; 3(5): 59-69
Published online May 27, 2011. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v3.i5.59
Table 1 Intraoperative quantitative assessment of intestinal viability, overview of studies from 2000 to 2010
Author, year ofpublicationType of study andnumber of patientsType of surgeryTechnique forassessmentSite of measurementMeasured units
Vignali et al, 2000[62]Prospective observational study of 55 patientsRectosigmoid resection for cancerLDFSerosa of rectal and sigmoid colon stumpBlood flow (perfusion units¹)
Seike et al, 2007[5]Prospective observational study of 96 patientsRectosigmoid resection for cancerLDFSerosa of sigmoid colon stumpBlood flow (ml/min/100g)
Nakatsuka, 2002[63]Prospective observational study of 8 patientsAbdominal aorta operationsLDFSerosa of the sigmoid colonBlood flow (ml/min/100g)
Singh et al, 2009[64]Pilot study of 7 patientsLeft side colon resections for cancer and benign conditionsLDF and VLSSerosa and mucosa at the anastomotic siteFlux units and StO2(%)
Lee et al, 2006[22]Prospective observational study of 25 patientsAbdominal aorta operationsVLSRectal mucosaStO2 (%)
Karliczek et al, 2009[1]Prospective observational study of 77 patientsRectosigmoid resection for cancerVLSRectosigmoid serosa at the anastomotic site within 25 cm from the anal vergeStO2 (%)
Hirano et al, 2006[21]Pilot study of 20 patientsIleocecal, colon and rectal resections for cancerNIRSSerosa at the anastomotic siteStO2 (%)
Kudszus et al, 2010[2]Retrospective matched-pairs analysis of 638 patientsColon resections for colon cancer and benign conditionsLFASerosa at the anastomotic sitePerfusion index based on fluorescence
Kamiya et al, 2007[75]Prospective observational study of 35 patientsJejunal transfer for esophageal resectionsTonometryJejunal graft mucosaMucosal pH
Deeba et al, 2008[77]Prospective observational study of 7 patientsLeft colectomyRapid sampling microdialysisColon serosaGlucose and lactate concentration, lactate/ glucose ratio