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World J Gastrointest Surg. Sep 27, 2010; 2(9): 275-282
Published online Sep 27, 2010. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v2.i9.275
Table 1 Short-term outcome after laparoscopic total mesorectal excision in randomized controlled trials and comparative series
Wound infection rate (%)
Leak rate (%)
Lujan et al[3] (TME)3333.
Braga et al[5] (LAR/TME)40290013610.69.6
Ng et al[6] (APR)
Strohlein et al[28] (LAR/TME)NANA3.305.34.515.310
Gouvas et al[34] (LAR/TME)3663103191016
Jayne et al[33] (TME/APR/LAR)3740541213710
Laurent et al[10] (TME/APR)37.7320.82.6NANA12.911.8
Staudacher et al[8] (TME)27.829.60013.94.612.614.8
Rullier et al[46] (TME)11.621.903.1NANA-0
Zhou et al[2] (TME)12.46.100NANA3.41.2
Table 2 Local recurrences rates after laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery
Author/yearOperationNo. of patients
Follow-up (mo)Local recurrence rate (%)
Hartley et al[11] (2001)TME21223854.5
Laurent et al[10] (2009)LAR/TME238233523.95.5
Bretagnol et al[13] (2005)TME50-180NA
Fleshman et al[14] (1999)APR4215223.81914
Araujo et al[4] (2003)APR131347.2015.4
Ng et al[6] (2008)APR514887.25.94.2
Law et al[17] (2006)LAR/TME98167214.93.3
Staudacher et al[8] (2007)TME1087927.66.45.1
Leroy et al[12] (2004)TME102-366NA
Milsom et al[9] (2009)TME/LAR103-425NA
Jayne et al[33] (2005)TME/APR12825336.811.414.05