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World J Gastrointest Surg. May 27, 2023; 15(5): 757-775
Published online May 27, 2023. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v15.i5.757
Table 1 Recent clinical trials for indocyanine green fluorescence use in trauma and surgery
Trial title
ICG fluorescence imaging in trauma patientsBone/soft tissue perfusion in fracture patients and surgical site infectionCompleted
ICG fluorescence imaging in open fracture trauma patientsOpen extremity fractureRecruiting
ICG 24 h Prior to operative treatment of orthopedic infectionBone trauma and soft tissue infectionActive, not recruiting
The role of indocyanine green angiography fluorescence on intestinal resections in pediatric surgeryIntestinal resection margins during elective and emergency pediatric surgeriesCompleted
ICG fluorescence imaging in lower extremity amputation patientsLower extremity amputation in and traumaRecruiting
ICG fluorescence imaging in post-traumatic infectionTrauma injuryRecruiting
Feasibility and usability of intraoperative fluorescent angiography with indocyanine green in penetrating abdominal traumaAbdominal traumaCompleted
Non-invasive measuring of cerebral perfusion after severe brain injury with near-infrared-spectroscopy and ICGSubarachnoid hemorrhage, intracerebral hemorrhage, TBIRecruiting
Dynamic contrast-enhanced fluorescence arthroscopy of meniscus pilotKnee injuryRecruiting
ICG 24 h prior to operative treatment of orthopedic infectionTrauma injury, infectionActive not recruiting
A study assessing circulation around surgical incisions at the time of laparotomy closureLaparotomyCompleted
ApplicationFractures, comminuted, surgical wound dehiscence, necrosisTerminated has results
NIRST and ICG-based perfusion imaging in acute compartment syndromeCompartment syndrome lower limb, forearmRecruiting
ICG and SPY imaging for assessment of burn healingBurnsCompleted
NIR arthroscopic fluorescence angiography of menisciMeniscus ruptureNot yet recruiting
Detection of cerebral ischemia with a non-invasive neurometabolic optical monitorTBI, ischemic stroke, intracerebral hemorrhageCompleted
A new multi-parameter neuromonitoring system to save patients’ lives in stroke and brain injurySubarachnoid hemorrhageCompleted
Pilot study to assess the use of spy elite for assessment of amputation healingWound healing lower extremity amputationCompleted
Near-infrared fluorescence with indocyanine green for identification of sentinels and parathyroid during thyroidectomyThyroid cancerUnknown
Near infrared fluorescence imaging with ICGLung cancerCompleted
A study of perfusion of colorectal anastomosis using FLAG-trialColorectal cancerCompleted
Near-infrared fluorescence imaging as a supportive tool for localization of deep infiltrating endometriosis during laparoscopyEndometriosisCompleted
Prospective evaluation of near-infrared fluorescence imaging use as a supportive tool in deep infiltrating endometriosis surgeryEndometriosisCompleted
NIF-guided ramie using ICG vs OTE feasibility randomized controlled trialEsophageal cancerRecruiting
Falcon: A multicenter randomized controlled trialCholecystitisUnknown status
Quantitative ICG fluorescence angiography in colorectal surgeryColorectal cancerRecruiting
Effect and long-term outcomes of indocyanine green fluorescence imaging method vs modified inflation-deflation method in identification of intersegmental planeLung cancerRecruiting
Intraoperative ICG fluorescence angiography in colorectal surgery to prevent anastomotic leakageColorectal cancerNot yet recruiting
Synapse 3D with intravascular ICGLung cancerNot yet recruiting
The role of ICG fluorescence imaging on anastomotic leak in robotic colorectal surgeryColorectal diseasesUnknown status
ICG molecular fluorescence imaging technique using in diagnosis and treatment of primary liver cancerLiver cancerRecruiting