Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Surg. Sep 27, 2020; 12(9): 397-406
Published online Sep 27, 2020. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v12.i9.397
Table 1 Studies included in the review
Ref.Publication yearJournalStudy typeNumber of patients
Horie et al[36]2020Asian J Endosc SurgCase report1
Yamana et al[35]2020Int J Surg Case RepCase report1
Hara et al[34]2020Surg Case RepCase report1
Hirayama et al[4]2019EsophagusRetrospective study29
Shirakawa et al[6]2018EsophagusRetrospective study30
Mukasa et al[33]2015World J GastroenterolRetrospective study11
Lee et al[32]2014Eur J Cardiothorac SurgRetrospective study18
Tawaraya et al[3]2014Gastrointest EndoscRetrospective study15
Ho et al[31]2014Dis EsophagusCase report4
Kim et al[30]2012Korean J Thorac Cardiovasc SurgCase report1
Saito et al[29]2012J Surg OncolCase report2
Jabłoński et al[28]2012World J Surg OncolCase report1
Shiozaki et al[27]2012Surg TodayCase report1
Oki et al[26]2011Surg TodayRetrospective study10
Yoon et al[25]2011Eur J Cardiothorac SurgRetrospective study10
Bamba et al[24]2010Surg EndoscRetrospective study25
Zygoń et al[37]2010BMJ Case RepCase report1
Osumi et al[23]2009EndoscopyRetrospective study7
Motoyama et al[22]2006Ann Thorac SurgCase report2
Yamashita et al[21]2006Dig Liver DisCase report1
Atmani et al[20]2006Dis EsophagusCase report2
Okamoto et al[19]2004Ann Thorac SurgRetrospective study8
Akita et al[18]2004J Surg OncolRetrospective study5
Ikeda et al[17]2003J Thorac Cardiovasc SurgCase report1
Lamblin et al[16]2003Dis EsophagusCase report3
Sugiura et al[5]2002J Am Coll SurgRetrospective study26
Shigemitsu et al[15]2002Jpn J Clin OncolCase report5
Ben-nun et al[14]2000Dis EsophagusCase report1
Koyanagi et al[12]1998J Gastroenterol HepatolCase report2