Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Surg. Oct 27, 2020; 12(10): 435-441
Published online Oct 27, 2020. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v12.i10.435
Table 1 Characteristics of intramural gastric masses

Location in the stomach
CT special features
Special features
Benign lesions
Lipoma[19]AntrumAttenuation values -70 HU to -120 HUSolitary, fibrous capsulated, soft (change in size and shape with peristalsis), no vessels
Leiomyoma[24]CardiaLow attenuation, endoluminal growth patternNegative for c-kit, positive for desmin and smooth muscle actin
Schwannoma[21]BodyMinimal enhancement on the arterial phaseAbsence of calcification, hemorrhage, necrosis; not encapsulated; positive for S-100
Glomus tumor[20]AntrumStrong enhancement on early-phaseHighly vascular; positive for calponin and smooth muscle actin
Inflammatory fibroid polyp[22]AntrumEnhancement on arterial phasePositive for CD34 and vimentin
Hemangioma[25]-Strong enhancement on early-phasePhleboliths are pathognomonic
Plexiform fibromyxoma[23]AntrumMyxoid tissue interspersed with vesselsUnique to the stomach, size from 2 cm to 15 cm
Ectopic pancreas[26]Greater curvatureSimilar to normal pancreas-
Splenosis[5]-Enhancement on arterial phaseSplenectomized patients
Malignant lesions
GIST[18]BodySmoothly circumscribed, bullseye signPositive for c-kit or dog-1; 50% greater than 2 cm
Non-GIST sarcoma (liposarcoma, leiomyosarcoma, unclassified sarcoma)[27]-Usually large, heterogeneous enhancementPositive for desmin and smooth muscle actin, negative for c-kit
Lymphoma[33]-Wall thickeningDistant (more than close) and large adenopathy
Carcinoid[29]-Multiple small lesionsReactive to synaptophysin and chromogranin A, hypergastrinemia related symptoms
Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor[28]-Heterogeneously enhancing tumor (malignant appearance)Borderline tumor, more frequent in young adults and children; reactivity for ALK
Metastasis[30-32]--“Homomorphic” endoscopic features; dyschromic lesions