Systematic Reviews
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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Oct 16, 2020; 12(10): 388-400
Published online Oct 16, 2020. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v12.i10.388
Table 1 Search string in PubMed, Embase, Scopus, Web of Science and Cochrane
(Endoscop OR Esophagoscop OR Gastroscop OR Gastroscopic Surgical Procedure OR Gastroscopic Surgical Procedures OR Colonoscop OR Colonoscopic Surgical Procedure OR Colonoscopic Surgical Procedures OR Surgery Gastroscopic OR Surgery Colonoscopic) AND (Indocyanine green fluorescence OR Indocyanine Green OR ICG OR fluorescent OR fluorescent dye OR fluorescence OR fluorescein OR near-infrared OR near infrared) AND (Upper Gastrointestinal Tract OR Lower Gastrointestinal Tract OR Upper gastrointestinal disease OR Lower gastrointestinal disease OR Upper gastrointestinal diseases OR Lower gastrointestinal diseases OR gastrointestinal tract OR gastrointestinal diseases OR GI diseases OR GI-diseases OR Upper GI-Diseases OR Lower GI-diseases)
Table 2 Newcastle Ottawa quality assessment scale
Total score
Iseki et al[25], 2000abaa●○●●-○○aaa●●●Poor quality
Mataki et al[21], 2003abab●○●○-○○aaa●●●Poor quality
Okamoto et al[22], 2005abab●○●○-○○caa○●●Poor quality
Ishihara et al[12], 2006abaa●○●●-○○aaa●●●Poor quality
Kimura et al[23], 2007abab●○●○-○○aaa●●●Poor quality
Ortiz- Fernandez-Sordo et al[24], 2018abaa●○●●-○○aaa●●●Poor quality
Hartmans et al[15], 2018abaa●○●●-○○caa○●●Poor quality
Table 3 Included studies
Ref.Study designPatients (n)Age (yr)Gender (M/W)DiagnosisContrastDosage (mg/kg)Adverse eventsEndoscopic findingsDiagnostic accuracy (%)Vessel countApplicability
Iseki et al[25], 2000Retrospective3759 (me)25/12Gastric cancerICG2-5N/A16/18 M tumors: No stain or homogeneous stain. 17/19 SM or more invasive tumors: Inhomogeneous stain or pooling of the dye89YesTumor invasion
Mataki et al[21], 2003Retrospective33N/AN/AEarly stage gastric cancer and gastric adenomaICG1None0/8 adenomas: + fluorescence. 9/14 M tumors: + fluorescence. 11/11 SM tumors: + fluorescenceN/AN/ATumor invasion
Okamoto et al[22], 2005Retrospective2065 (me)12/8VaricesICG2, 0.1, 0.01, 0.005 or 0.001NoneClear fluorescence with doses of ICG in 0.005 to 0.01 mg/kgN/AN/ADetection of varices
Ishihara et al[12], 2006Retrospective30N/AN/AGastriccancerICG2N/A21/23 M or SM tumors < 1 mm: No stain or homogeneous stain. 7/7 SM tumors > 1 mm: Inhomogeneous stain or pooling of the dye93N/ATumor invasion
Kimura et al[23], 2007Retrospective3071.5 (me)20/10Early stage gastric cancer and gastric adenomaICG0.01None1/20 M tumors: + fluorescence. 8/10 SM tumors: + fluorescenceN/AYesTumor invasion
Ortiz- Fernandez-Sordo et al[24], 2018Pilot study2369 (49-85) (med)20/3Early neoplastic lesions within Barrett’s esophagusICG2None7/23 tumors: No stain (5/7 were less than HGD) 18/23 tumors: Stain (17/18 were at least HGD, MC or SMC)88N/ADetection of neoplasms
Hartmans et al[15], 2018Retrospective1742 (20-65) (med)5/12FAPBevacizumab800CW4.5, 10 or 25 mgNoneColorectal adenomas detected at all doses by fluorescenceN/AN/ADetection of colorectal adenomas