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World J Hepatol. Oct 28, 2017; 9(30): 1166-1175
Published online Oct 28, 2017. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v9.i30.1166
Table 1 Characteristics of the studies
Ref.JournalPublication yearObservation time spanStudy designCountry, clinical settingProportion of infections by GPB (%)
Asia - South Korea
Park et al[11]J Gastroenterol Hepatol20031995, 1998, 1999RC, single centreSouth Korea, University Hospital44/237 (18.6)
Song et al[12]J Korean Med Sci20061998 (October) - 2003 (August)RC, single centreSouth Korea, University22/106 (20.8)
Cho et al[13]Scand J Infect Dis20072002-2004RC, single centreSouth Korea, University34/204 (16.6)
Heo et al[14]Gut Liver20091998 (June) - 2003 (May)RC, multicentreSouth Korea11/65 (16.7)
Cheong et al[15]Clin Infect Dis20092000 (January) - 2007 (June)RC, single centreSouth Korea, University54/236 (22.9)
Na et al[16]Scand J Infect Dis20172005-2014RC, single centreSouth Korea, University66/259 (25.5)
Asia - China
Gou et al[17]Saudi Med J20101996-2009RC, single centreChina, University Hospital39/97 (42.2)
Li et al[18]World J Gastroenterol20152011-2013RC, single centreChina, University Hospital85/306 (27.8)
Shi et al[19]Sci Rep20172014RC, single centreChina, Tertiary Hospital293/575 (50.9)
Asia - Other countries
Kamani et al[20]BMC Gastroenterol20082005 (November) - 2007 (December)PC, single centreIran, University Hospital12/44 (27.3)
Sheikhbahaei etal[21]Int J Hepatol20142005 (April) - 2011 (September)PC, single centreIran, University Hospital90/314 (28.6)
Zaman et al[22]J Ayub Med Coll Abbottabad20112007PC, single centrePakistan, University Hospital3/12 (25)
El Sayed Zaki etal[23]J Infect Public Health2011Not providedPC, single centreEgypt, University Hospital30/41 (73.2)
Oladimeji et al[24]Pan Afr Med J20132009 (August) - 2010 (July)RC, single centreNigeria, University Hospital7/22 (31.8)
South America
Reginato et al[25]Sao Paolo Med J20112001 (November) - 2006 (November)RC, single centreBrazil, Tertiary Hospital20/63 (31.7)
Terg et al[26]J Hepatol20152011 (March) - 2012 (April)PC, multicentreArgentina21/33 (63.6)
North America
Tandon et al[27]Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol20122009 (July) - 2010 (November)RC, single centreUnited States, University Hospital8/10 (80)
Chaulk et al[28]Can J Gastroenterol Hepatol20142003 (February) - 2010 (May)RC, single centreCanada, Tertiary Hospital44/77 (57.1)
Campillo et al[29]Clin Infect Dis20021996 (January) - 2001 (March)PC, single centreFrance, Tertiary Hospital125/183 (68.3)
Piroth et al[31]BMC Infect Dis20142010-2011PC, multicentreFrance, University Hospitals32/57 (56.1)
Thévenot et al[30]Am J Gastroenterol20162014 (March) – 2015 (August)PC, multicentreFrance40/84 (47.4)
Fernández et al[32]Hepatology20021998 (April) -PC, single centreSpain, University Hospital11/54 (20.3)
2000 (April)
Ariza et al[33]J Hepatol20122001-2009RC, single centreSpain, University Hospital88/246 (35.8)
Piano et al[34]Hepatology20162011-2014RCT, multicentreItaly10/16 (62.5)
Umgelter et al[35]Infection20092002 (January) - 2006 (August)PC, single centreGermany, University Hospital20/44 (45.4)
Reuken et al[36]Aliment Pharmacol Ther20092002 (January) - 2011 (November)RC, single centreGermany, Tertiary Hospital65/121 (53.7)
Lutz et al[37]Eur J Clin Invest20172012 (March) - 2016 (February)PC, single centreGermany, University Hospital20/50 (40)
Cholongitas etal[38]Liver Int20051998-200RC, single centreGreece, University Hospital18/42 (42.9)
Novocic et al[39]Scand J Gastroenterol20122000-2006RC, multicentreDenmark, University Hospitals86/187 (45.9)