Case Report
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World J Hepatol. Dec 8, 2016; 8(34): 1535-1540
Published online Dec 8, 2016. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i34.1535
Table 1 The reported patients with right umbilical portion who underwent hepatectomy in the English-language literature
Ref.Age (yr)SexDiseaseSurgical procedureType of intrahepatic portal venous branching
Uesaka et al[8]53MaleLiver metastasis of bile duct cancerRight hepatectomyTrifurcation type
Idu et al[9]UnknownMalePerihilar cholangiocarcinomaLeft hepatectomyUnknown
Nagai et al[1]67MaleBile duct cancerRight anterior sectionectomy, segmentectomy 1 and pancreatoduodenectomyTrifurcation type
Nagai et al[1]67MaleHepatocellular carcinomaSegmentectomy 8, and partial resection of segment 1Trifurcation type
Asonuma et al[3]48MaleLiving donorLeft lateral sectionectomyUnknown
Asonuma et al[3]29MaleLiving donorLeft lateral sectionectomyUnknown
Asonuma et al[3]35FemaleLiving donorLeft lateral sectionectomyBifurcation type
Kaneoka et al[10]53MalePerihilar cholangiocellular carcinomaLeft hepatectomy and segmentectomy 1 with extrahepatic bile duct resectionTrifurcation type
Kaneoka et al[10]61MaleExtrahepatic bile duct cholangiocarcinomaLeft hepatectomy, segmentectomy 1, and pylorous-preserving pancreaticduodenectomyTrifurcation type
Tashiro et al[11]53MaleHepatocellular carcinomaPartial hepatectomyTrifurcation type
Hwang et al[12]18MaleLiving donorRight hepatectomyBifurcation type
Hwang et al[12]24UnknownLiving donorRight posterior sectionectomyTrifurcation type
Hwang et al[12]39UnknownLiving donorLeft hepatectomy leaving S4aBifurcation type
Hsu et al[6]UnknownUnknownHepatocellular carcinomaRight hepatectomyTrifurcation type
Hsu et al[6]UnknownUnknownHepatocellular carcinomaPartial resection of left lateral sectionTrifurcation type
Hsu et al[6]UnknownUnknownHepatocellular carcinomaLeft lateral sectionectomyBifurcation type
Abe et al[13]70FemaleLiver metastasis of uterine cervical cancerRight hepatectomy with extrahepatic bile duct resectionBifurcation type
Sakaguchi et al[14]76MaleLiver metastasis of rectal cancerRight posterior sectionectomy and partial resection of segment 1 and right anterior sectionTrifurcation type
Almodhaiberi et al[15]67MalePerihilar cholangiocarcinomaExtended left lateral sectionectomy and segmentectomy 1 with extrahepatic bile duct resectionTrifurcation type
Case 170MaleIntrahepatic cholangiocarcinomaRight anterior sectionectomyTrifurcation type
Case 270FemalePerihilar cholangiocarcinomaLeft trisectionectomy with extrahepatic bile duct resectionTrifurcation type