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World J Hepatol. Jul 28, 2016; 8(21): 881-890
Published online Jul 28, 2016. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i21.881
Table 1 Main studies suggesting a cut-off value for α-fetoprotein when selecting candidates for liver transplantation
Ref.YearNo. of patientsCountryStudy designAFP cut-off valueEndpoint
Yamashiki et al[43]200493United StatesProspective100 ng/mLDrop-out from list
Shetty et al[42]2004109United StatesRetrospective300 ng/mLRecurrence, death
Todo et al[54]2007653JapanRetrospective200 ng/mLRecurrence
1000 ng/mL
Parfitt et al[61]200775CanadaRetrospective1000 ng/mLRecurrence
Pérez-Saborido et al[44]200795SpainRetrospective200 ng/mLRecurrence
Onaca et al[10]2007902United StatesRetrospective200 ng/mLRecurrence
Adler et al[86]2008226BelgiumRetrospective100 ng/mLRecurrence
Zou et al[45]2008303ChinaRetrospective1000 ng/mLFatal recurrence
Ioannou et al[50]20085028United StatesRetrospective455 ng/mLDeath
Xu et al[46]200997ChinaRetrospective400 ng/mLRecurrence
Toso et al[49]20096478CanadaRetrospective400 ng/mLDeath
Lao et al[55]2009124United StatesProspective1000 ng/mLRecurrence
Xiao et al[87]2009224ChinaRetrospective800 ng/mLDeath
McHugh et al[47]2010101United StatesRetrospective100 ng/mLRecurrence, death
Levi et al[88]2010244United StatesRetrospective100 ng/mLRecurrence
Merani et al[66]20116817United StatesRetrospective400 ng/mLDeath
Lai et al[89]2011153ItalyRetrospective210 ng/mLRecurrence
Mailey et al[48]20112253United StatesRetrospective400 ng/mLDeath
Muscari et al[28]2012122FranceRetrospective500 ng/mLRecurrence, death
Ciccarelli et al[65]2012137BelgiumRetrospective400 ng/mLRecurrence
Wong et al[59]2013211United StatesRetrospective400 ng/mLRecurrence
Harimoto et al[90]2013167JapanRetrospective300 ng/mLRecurrence
Abdel-Wahab et al[68]2013170EgyptRetrospective200 ng/mLRecurrence, death
Grąt et al[67]2014121PolandRetrospective100 ng/mLRecurrence
Hameed et al[30]2014211United StatesRetrospective1000 ng/mLMicrovascular invasion
Lee et al[91]201469South KoreaRetrospective200 ng/mLRecurrence
Grąt et al[92]2016146PolandRetrospective100 ng/mLRecurrence
Table 2 Studies focusing on dynamic values of α-fetoprotein before liver transplantation
Ref.YearNo. of patientsAFP slope
Han et al[69]20074750 ng/mo
Vibert et al[70]201015315 ng/mo
Lai et al[52]201342215 ng/mo
Dumitra et al[71]2013920.1 ng/d
Table 3 Suggestions for new selection criteria for liver transplantation that integrate α-fetoprotein
Ref.YearNo. of patientsStudy designCriteriaAFP cut-off values
Yang et al[56]200763RetrospectiveAFP20 ng/mL, 200 ng/mL, 1000 ng/mL
Tumor size
Number of tumors
Zheng et al[63]2008195RetrospectiveAFP400 ng/mL
Total tumor diameter
Histopathologic grade
Lai et al[64]2012158RetrospectiveAFP400 ng/mL
Total tumor diameter
Duvoux et al[57]2012435ProspectiveAFP100 ng/mL, 1000 ng/mL
Tumor size
Number of tumors
Kashkoush et al[76]2014115RetrospectiveAFP400 ng/mL
Actual tumor volume
Toso et al[75]2015233ProspectiveAFP400 ng/mL
Total tumor volume
Hong et al[77]2015123RetrospectiveAFP200 ng/mL
F-FDG PET positivity