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World J Hepatol. Apr 8, 2015; 7(4): 673-687
Published online Apr 8, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i4.673
Table 1 Phase III trials of some systemic targeted agents in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma
Ref.Study designPatients, nOverall survival, mo
Zhu et al[109] (SEARCH trial)Sorafenib vs sorafenib + erlotinib358 vs 362Sorafenib: 8.5 Sorafenib + erlotinib: 9.5
Cheng et al[105] (SUN1170 trial)Sorafenib vs sunitinib544 vs 530Sorafenib: 10.2 Sunitinib: 7.9
Cainap et al[106] (LIGHT trial)Sorafenib vs linifanib517 vs 518Sorafenib: 9.8 Linifanib: 9.1
Johnson et al[107] (BRISK-FL trial)Sorafenib vs brivanib578 vs 577Sorafenib: 9.9 Brivanib: 9.5
Llovet et al[108] (BRISK-PS trial)Brivanib vs placebo263 vs 132Brivanib: 9.4 Placebo: 8.3
Table 2 Clinical studies on combined sorafenib and transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for intermediate and advanced hepatocellular carcinoma
Ref.Study designTiming of sorafenibPatients, nBCLC stageChild-Pugh classPrimary endpoint results
Kudo et al[155]Sorafenib + TACE vs TACESequential229 vs 229BATTP (5.4 mo vs 3.7 mo)
Lencioni et al[151] (SPACE trial)Sorafenib + DEB-TACE vs DEB-TACE + placeboContinuous154 vs 153BATTP (169 d vs 166 d; P = 0.072)
Martin et al[158]Sorafenib + DEB-TACE vs DEB-TACENR30 vs 120B, CBOS (12 mo vs 10 mo)
Sansonno et al[154]Sorafenib + TACE vs TACESequential40 vs 40BATTP (9.2 mo vs 4.9 mo)
Han et al[156] (subgroup analysis of START)Sorafenib + TACESequential63A, B, CATTP (10.6 mo) OS (16.5 mo)
Chung et al[150] (subgroup analysis of START)Sorafenib + TACESequential63A, B, CADCR (52%)
Park et al[149] (COTSUN Korea)Sorafenib + TACEInterrupted50B, CA, BTTP (7.1 mo) PFS (52% at 6 mo)
Pawlik et al[148]Sorafenib + DEB-TACEContinuous35B, CA, BDCR (95%) OR (58%)
Cabrera et al[153]Sorafenib + DEB-TACE or Y-90Continuous47B, CA, BAt 6 mo DCR (68%) OS (8.5 mo)
Table 3 Combined sorafenib plus systemic anticancer therapy for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma
Ref.Chemotherapeutic agentType of studyPatients, nMedian OS, moDCR, %Median PFS, mo
Abou-Alfa et al[160]DoxorubicinMulticenter randomized prospective phase II47 vs 4913.7 vs 6.5626.0 vs 2.7
Hsu et al[166]Tegafur/uracilProspective phase II537.4573.7
Prete et al[161]Long-acting octreotideProspective phase II5012767
Abou-Alfa et al[165]PR-104Prospective phase I14NR50NR
Lee et al[164]S-1 fluoropyrimidinesProspective phase I2010.452.93.9
Petrini et al[163]5-FluorouracilProspective phase II3913.748.77.5