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World J Hepatol. Dec 18, 2015; 7(29): 2906-2912
Published online Dec 18, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i29.2906
Table 1 Studies on management of portal vein thrombosis in cirrhotic patients
Ref.Study typePVTNumber anticoagulate patientsNumber controlsTypeanticoagulantDuration anticoagulationRepermeation/stabilization/progression of thrombosis in anticoagulate patientsRepermeation/stabilization/progression of thrombosis in control patientsBleeding complications in anticoagulate patientsBleeding complications in controls
Francoz et al[4]Proscpective; Case control291910VKA (target INR 2-3)Mean 8.1 mo8/10/10/4/61 variceal bleeding after EBLNA
Amitrano et al[25]Prospective2828-Enoxaparin 200 UI/kg per day6 mo in repermeation, until end follow up in partial responders21/5/2-1 anemia in PHG-
Senzolo et al[24]Prospective; Case control563521Nadroparin 95 antiXa U/kg twice a day6 mo after complete repermeation, until the end of follow up in other patients21/7/51/5/151 variceal bleeding; 1 cerebral haemorrage; 1 haematuria; 1 epistaxis5 variceal bleeding
Delgado et al[26]Retrospective5555-VKA (8 patients); VKA → LMWH (21 patients); LMWH (26 patients)Median 6.8 mo (range 1-56 mo)33/22/0-6 variceal bleeding; 1 obscure gastrointestinal bleeding; 1 lower gastrointestinal bleeding; 1 oral bleeding after dental extraction-