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World J Hepatol. Feb 27, 2015; 7(2): 139-149
Published online Feb 27, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i2.139
Table 1 Diagnostic performance of alpha-fetoprotein serum levels in selected studies
Marrero et al[20]2009836 total (419 HCC)Liver cirrhosis20 ng/mL59%90%0.8
Mao et al[21]20104217 total (789 HCC)Amongst others healthy controls, HBV carriers, liver cirrhosis35 ng/mL58.20%85.30%
Farinati et al[22]20061158 HCCNo control400 ng/mL18%0.59
Lok et al[23]201039 HCC, 77 matched controlsHepatitis C20 ng/mL61%81%0.79
Table 2 Diagnostic performance of novel non-invasive biomarkers
Toyoda et al[31]2011hs-AFP-L3%666Chronic liver disease and AFP < 20 ng/mL5%41.50%85.10%0.707
Ertle et al[37]2013DCP586Chronic liver disease5 ng/mL45.80%95%0.87
Wan et al[24]2014OsteopontinMeta-analysis (7 studies)mixedPooled: 86%Pooled: 86%0.92
Hsia et al[35]2007IL-6128Mixed, including chronic liver disease and healthy controls3 pg/mL46%95%
Mao et al[21]2010GP734217Mixed, including chronic liver disease and healthy controls8.5 rel. units74.60%97.40%0.94
Giannelli et al[36]2007SCCA961Liver cirrhosis3.8 ng/mL41.90%82.60%0.656
Ertle et al[37]2013AFP combined with DCP586Chronic liver diseaseDCP 5 ng/mL AFP 10 ng/mL78%89.30%0.91
Johnson et al[40]2014GALAD-score670Chronic liver disease93%89%
Table 3 Genetic signatures from tumor tissue and their prognostic significance
Ref.YearCorrelation withNo. of genes in signatureAUCP-value
Nault et al[95]2013Disease-free survival after resection5 (tumor)0.8< 0.0001
Lim et al[96]2013Disease-free survival after resection25 (tumor)0.002
Kurokawa et al[97]2004Tumor recurrence after resection20 (tumor)0.001
Yoshioka et al[98]2009Tumor recurrence after resection172 (tumor)< 0.0001
Woo et al[99]2008Recurrence free survival628 (tumor)< 0.01