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World J Hepatol. Jul 28, 2015; 7(15): 1905-1912
Published online Jul 28, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i15.1905
Table 1 Treatment perspectives: Novel agents acting on the immune system
Anti-CD3 moAbCD3Reduction of liver enzymes and glucose and insulin levels
Imm124-ETreg stimulationImprovement of glucose metabolism parameters, lipid profile and liver injury
Adoptive transfer
TregsReduction of TNFα-related inflammation
CD4+ T cellsReverses weight gain and insulin resistance
NKT cellsDecreases body fat, triglyceride levels, leptin levels, hepatic steatosis and insulin sensitivity
RORγt ligandsRORγtTh17 inhibition
CenicrivirocCCR2/5 inhibitorImprovement of lipid metabolism and liver fibrosis
VAP-1Lymphocytes recruitmentAnti-inflammatory en anti-fibrogenic effect