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World J Hepatol. Jul 28, 2015; 7(15): 1899-1904
Published online Jul 28, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i15.1899
Table 1 Recent articles focused on alpha-fetoprotein static values
Ref.YearnCountryCut-off value(ng/mL)
McHugh et al[12]2010101United States100
Grąt et al[13]2014121Poland100
Abdel-Wahab et al[14]2013170 (LDLT)Egypt200
Lai et al[15]2011153Italy210
Harimoto et al[16]2013167 (LDLT)Japan300
Merani et al[6]20116817United States400
Toso et al[7]20096478United States400
Zheng et al[8]2008195China400
Lai et al[9]2012158Italy400
Ciccarelli et al[10]2012137Belgium400
Wong et al[11]2013211United States400
Yang et al[17]200763 (LDLT)South Korea1000
Zou et al[18]2008303China1000
Duvoux et al[19]2012435France1000
Hameed et al[20]2014211United States1000
Table 2 Recent articles focused on alpha-fetoprotein dynamic values
Ref.YearnCountryCut-off value(ng/mL per month)
Han et al[22]200748Canada50
Vibert et al[23]2010153France15
Dumitra et al[24]201392Canada0.11
Lai et al[25]2013422Europe215
Table 3 Proposal for the integration of alpha-fetoprotein values and morphological tumor criteria into the selection process for liver transplantation in hepatocellular carcinoma cirrhotic patients
CriteriaNo. of lesionsMaximum diameter (cm)Last AFP value (ng/mL)AFP slope (ng/mL per month)
MC15100015, 50, higher?
2-33100015, 50, higher?
UCSFC15.1-6.51000?50 or higher?
1000 → 500? lower?
2-33.1-4.5 (total sum 8)1000?50 or higher?
1000 → 500? lower?
Out of conventional criteria400? lower?50 or higher?