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World J Hepatol. Jul 8, 2015; 7(13): 1755-1760
Published online Jul 8, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i13.1755
Table 1 Major studies of outcomes of repeat hepatectomy for recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma from 2010
Ref.Type of studyPatients (n)Treatment5 yr overall survivalPrognostic factors for time to recurrence
Zhou et al[26]Systematic review1149Re resection48.5%Female gender
(25%-87%)Younger age
Tumor grade
Microvascular invasion
Recurrent tumor > 3 cm
Albumin < 35 g/L
Huang et al[23]Retrospective study82Re resection22.4%Microvascular invasion
Chan et al[15]Systematic review1125Repeat hepatectomy52%Blood transfusion
(22%-83%)Macro/microvascular invasion
Tumor number
Tumor size
Liver status
Yamashita et al[17]Retrospective study163Second hepatectomy60%
46Third or more hepatectomy43%
Tabrizian et al[27]Retrospective study356Re resection: 19%47%Type of treatment
Transplant listing: 16%51%Tumor number
Local ablation: 17%25%Tumor size
Embolization: 23%9%Alphafoeto protein rate
Other: 12%0%
None: 7%0%
Mise et al[16]Retrospective study289Second hepatectomy60.5%Satellite nodules
110Third or more hepatectomy68.5%
Table 2 Five years overall survival and prognostic factors for overall survival after salvage liver transplantation
Ref.Type of studyPatients (n)5 yr overall survivalPrognostic factors for overall survival
Sapisochin et al[24]Case control study1752%
Wu et al[28]Retrospective study3669.4%
Liu et al[29]Retrospective study3961%
Fuks et al[11]Retrospective study13871%
Guerrini et al[22]Retrospective study2849.2%
Chan et al[20]Systematic review31962%
Qu et al[30]Retrospective Study11149.5%Edmonson grade
Hepatic vein invasion
Portal vein invasion
TNM stage
Lee et al[31]Retrospective study6954.6%Time to recurrence
Alpha foetoprotein > 200 ng/mL
HCC outside Milan criteria