Systematic Reviews
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World J Hepatol. Jun 27, 2014; 6(6): 443-447
Published online Jun 27, 2014. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v6.i6.443
Table 1 Reuse of liver grafts following the brain death of the initial recipient
Interval (d) initialRecipient
(ref. NO.)Age (yr)Liver diseaseCause of deathto final transplantAge (yr)Liver diseaseEarly after second transplantationLong-term
London, Canada (current report)55HCVCVA1454HCV/HCCNo complicationsDied of recurrent HCC at 16 mo
Madrid, Spain[1,2]57PBCCVA129CR post LTx for PSC and CCCNo complicationDied of recurrent CCC at 48 mo
Madrid, Spain[2]54PSCCVA232CR post LTx for HCVSepsisDied at 4 mo
Madrid, Spain[2]51CR post LTx (cause N/A)CVA256HCV/HCCARAlive at 25 mo
Creteil, France[3]24CR post LTx for cryptogenic cirrhosisCVA552AlcoholicARAlive at 6 mo
Essen, Germany[4]N/ACryptogenic cirrhosisCVA146Recurrent HBV post LTxARAlive at 5 mo
Barcelona, Spain[5]55AlcoholicCVA558HCVNo complicationAlive at 14 mo
Brussels, Belgium[6]47ALF (acetaminophen)Cerebral edema253HCV/HCCARAlive at 22 mo
Lille Cedex, France[7]21ALF (acetaminophen)Cerebral edema261HCVNo complicationAlive at 11 mo
UNOS #1[8]6N/AN/A1N/AN/AN/AAlive at 111 mo
UNOS #2[8]60Cryptogenic cirrhosisCVA844N/AN/AAlive at 62 mo
UNOS #3[8]21N/AN/A1N/AN/AN/AAlive at 3.5 mo
UNOS #4[8]49N/AN/A4.9 yrN/AN/Afailed at 0.1 mo (cause N/A)-
UNOS #5[8]48N/AN/A5N/AN/AN/AFailed at 11 mo
UNOS #6[8]56HCVAnoxic brain injury2N/AHCV, alcoholicNo complicationAlive at 25.4 mo
UNOS #7[8]49N/AN/A6N/AN/AN/AAlive at 4.8 mo
UNOS #8[8]35ALF (acetaminophen)Cerebral edema356PSCNo complicationAlive at 12 mo
UNOS #9[8]46N/AN/A2N/AN/AN/AAlive at 11 mo
UNOS #10[8]25N/AN/A2.8 yrN/AN/AN/AAlive at 5.9 mo
UNOS #11[8]44N/AN/A17N/AN/AN/AAlive at 3.0 mo
Barcelona, Spain[9]55AlcoholicCVA558HCVNo complicationAlive at 120 mo
Barcelona, Spain[9]58AlcoholicCVA1455Budd Chiari syndNo complicationAlive at 13 mo
Barcelona, Spain[9]58AlcoholicCVA1047Ischemic cholangitisARAlive at 7 mo
Creteil, France[10]72AlcoholicCVA13 yr61Cryptogenic cirrhosis,No complicationAlive at 12 mo
Montreal, Canada[11]26ALF (acetaminophen overdose)Cerebral edema262Hemochromatosis HCCNo complicationAlive at 30 mo
Berlin, Germany[12]53Cryptogenic cirrhosisCerebral edema2443Alcoholic, HCCBiliary obstruction by stonesAlive at 6 mo
Stuttgart, Germany[13]38Budd Chiari syndCVA5 yr51Polycystic liver diseaseNo complicationAlive at 18 mo
Malatya, Turkey[14]4ALF (hepatitis A)Cerebral edema531Cryptogenic cirrhosis, HCCHAT at one month, died at 1.3 mo-