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World J Hepatol. Nov 27, 2012; 4(11): 305-310
Published online Nov 27, 2012. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v4.i11.305
Table 1 General information of the patients with hepatic metastatic melanoma
CaseAge (yr)GenderPrimary melanoma lesionInterval time before hepatic metastasis (yr)Accompanying metastasisTreatmentsSurvival time (mo)
139MSclerotica7SpleenHepatectomy + comprehensive treatment30
249MLeft choroid16NonePuncture and biopsy + BCG4
351FRectum0Abdominal cavityBiopsy + supportive therapy1.5
469MRight lower eyelid11Recurrence of carcinoma in situ; metastasis to right hipBiopsy + supportive therapy2
568MNasal cavity0.6Bilateral lung, pleura and cervical lymph nodesBiopsy + supportive therapy1.5
661FBack8NoneHepatectomy + comprehensive treatment29
770FResctum1.5Recurrence of carcinoma in situMile’s surgery14
848MRight 5th dactylus0.5Recurrence of carcinoma in situHepatectomy, resection of primary lesion + comprehensive treatment33
974MSole9Inguinal lymph nodesHepatectomy18
Table 2 The characteristics on imaging of the hepatic metastatic melanoma
CaseTumor locationTumor sizeB-ultrasoundComputed tomography
1Right liver4.3 cm × 3.3 cm × 3.1 cmNANA
2Multiple5 mm-12 cmLow echoLow density
3MultipleNALow density
4Left liver2.4 cm × 2.5 cmLow echo, with partially peripheral dense echoNA
5Right liver6.4 cm × 5.0 cmLow echo, with peripheral low-echo areola, and a bit of strip blood flow insideLow density
6Multiple5 mm-3 cmLow echo, with peripheral low echo areolaLow density, with higher density peripherally
7Left liver2.5 cm × 2.1 cmMid-dense echoLow density, with nodular enhancement
8Multiple5 mm-2.6 cmLow echoNA
9Right liver10 cm × 8 cmNo echo, with septum, and hyperechoic lesionCystic mass, with mild enhancement