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World J Hepatol. Jun 27, 2021; 13(6): 662-672
Published online Jun 27, 2021. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v13.i6.662
Table 1 Amplified genes within/near 1q21-23 that have been associated with hepatocellular carcinoma
Description of protein product
JTB1q21.3Promotes cell resistance to apoptosisWong et al[11] and Kanome et al[12]
SHC11q21.3Downstream signaling from receptor tyrosine kinasesWong et al[11], Midorikawa et al[8], Pelicci et al[13], Kavanaugh and Williams[14], and van der Geer et al[15]
CCT31q22Associated with cell cycle regulationWong et al[11], Midorikawa et al[8], Won et al[16]
COPA1q23.2Assists in retrograde vesicular transport from Golgi to endoplasmic reticulumWong et al[11] and Vece et al[17]
CKS1B1q21.2Associated with cell cycle regulationMidorikawa et al[8] and Ganoth et al[19]
HAX-1 (HAX1)1q21.3Plays a role in the activation of receptor tyrosine kinasesMidorikawa et al[8] and Suzuki et al[18]
CREB3L41q21.3Associated with androgen receptor signalingInagaki et al[21] and Qi et al[22]
INTS31q21.3Associated with RNA polymerase IIInagaki et al[21] and Baillat et al[24]
SNAPAP (SNAPIN)1q21.3Part of SNARE complex (docking and fusion of synaptic vesicles)Inagaki et al[21] and Ilardi et al[25]
ALC1 (CHD1L)1q21.1Facilitates DNA synthesis and cell cycle when over expressedMa et al[26]
ASH1L1q22Histone methyltransferase involved in gene expressionElsemman et al[27] and An et al[29]
METTL13 (EEF1AKNMT)1q24.3Regulates protein synthesis in cancer cells; promotes tumor growth and metastasisElsemman et al[27]; Liu et al[30], and Li et al[31]
TARBP11q42.2Double-stranded RNA binding protein; promotes HIV-1 and -2 and HCV replicationElsemman et al[27], Zhang et al[50], and Christensen et al[32]
SMYD21q32.2Part of the protein lysine methyltransferase family of enzymesElsemman et al[27] and Leinhart and Brown[34]
SMYD31q44Part of the protein lysine methyltransferase family of enzymesElsemman et al[27] and Leinhart and Brown[34]
Table 2 Correlation between TPM3 and NUF2 alterations and prognosis
n (affected)
Progression free1
Disease free1
TPM3 (all)921.283e-31.263e-30.1080.0242
NUF2 (all)874.931e-32.357e-46.231e-44.931e-3
TPM3 (mRNA)784.046e-54.046e-51.231e-32.238e-3
NUF2 (mRNA)653.898e-41.441e-53.374e-41.520e-3