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World J Hepatol. Feb 27, 2019; 11(2): 138-149
Published online Feb 27, 2019. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v11.i2.138
Table 1 Recent studies (2010-) with histological assessment of liver biopsies at follow-up
Ref.DesignPatients with follow-upSurgical inter-ventionSteatosisInflammationFibrosisAny cases of worseningMean/median follow-up in months
Weiner et al[76], 2010Missing116RYGB, AGB, BPD-DSImproved, 70% complete resolutionImproved, 86% complete resolutionImprovedNo19.4 (± 8.3)
Moretto et al[77], 2012Retrospective78Gastric bypassImprovedImproved ballooning, 55% complete resolution of NASHTrend for improvementYesUnknown
Vargas et al[78], 2012Prospective26RYGBImprovedImproved, 84% complete resolution of NASHImprovedNo16 (± 3)
Tai et al[79], 2012Prospective21RYGBImproved, 95% complete resolutionImproved, 100% complete resolution of NASHImprovedYes12
Caiazzo et al[74], 2014Prospective578 (1 yr), 413 (5 yr)RYGB, AGBImprovedImprovedImprovedNA12 and 60
Lassailly et al[10], 2015Prospective82Gastric bypass, AGB, SG, PBD-DSImprovedImproved, 85% complete resolution of NASHImprovedNA12
Praveen et al[80], 2015Prospective30RYGB, SGImproved in 97%Improved in 46%Improved in 46%No6
Taitano et al[75], 2015Missing160RYGB, AGBImproved, complete resolution in 73%Improved, 88% complete resolution of NASHImproved, 53% complete resolutionYes31 (± 26)
Schneck et al[81], 2016Missing9RYGBImproved in all patientsImproved in all patientsImprovedYes55 (44-75)
Froylich et al[82], 2016Retrospective25RYGB, SGImprovedImprovedTrend for improvementNA18
Aldoheyan et al[83], 2017Prospective27SGImprovedImprovedImprovedNA3
Manco et al[84], 2017Prospective20SG (n = 20) vs IGWLD, NSWLImprovedImproved, 100% complete resolution of NASHImprovedNA12
Garg et al[85], 2018Prospective32RYGB, AGB, SGImprovedImprovedImprovedNA12