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For: Chen BF. Different pre-S deletion patterns and their association with hepatitis B virus genotypes. World J Gastroenterol 2016; 22(35): 8041-8049 [PMID: 27672298 DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i35.8041]
URL: https://www.wjgnet.com/1948-5182/full/v22/i35/8041.htm
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Shuwen Fu, Jing Zhang, Quan Yuan, Qianru Wang, Qiang Deng, Jisu Li, Ningshao Xia, Yongxiang Wang, Yumei Wen, Shuping Tong, J.-H. James Ou. Lost Small Envelope Protein Expression from Naturally Occurring PreS1 Deletion Mutants of Hepatitis B Virus Is Often Accompanied by Increased HBx and Core Protein Expression as Well as Genome ReplicationJournal of Virology 2021; 95(14) doi: 10.1128/JVI.00660-21