Brief Reports
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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 15, 1999; 5(5): 455-457
Published online Oct 15, 1999. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v5.i5.455
Table 1 Clinical features of cases and expression of MMP-2 mRNA
No.Age/sexLocationHistologyClinical stagebMMP2 mRNA expression
T2 cm≥ 5 cm
1a64/MPylorusPoorT1N0M0 (I)---
248/MBodyPoorT4N0M0 (IV)++-
372/FLesser curvePoorT4N2M1 (IV)++-
475/FLesser curvePoorT3N0M0 (II)++-
571/MBodyPoorT2N1M0 (IVA)++-
663/MLesser curveWellT4N2M0 (IV)--+
7a73/FLesser curvePoorT1N1M0 (IIIA)+--
8a46/MLesser curvePoorT1N0M0 (I)---
960/FBodyPoorT3N0M0 (II)+--
1057/MPylorusPoorT3N1M1 (IV)+++
1153/MBodyPoorT4N1M0 (IV)++-
12a72/FAntrumPoorT1N0M0 (I)---
1359/MBodyPoorT3N2M0 (IIIB)+--
14a38/MAntrumWellT1N0M0 (I)---
1566/FCardiaPoorT3N1M0 (IIIA)+++
1655/MAntrunWellT2N0M0 (IB)---
1774/MBodyPoorT4N2M1 (IV)+++
1867/MCardiaWellT3N2M0 (IVB)---
1967/FBodyPoorT4N2M1 (IV)+++
2056/MBodyPoorT4N2M1 (IV)+++
Table 2 OD of MMP-2 cDNA signals in early and advanced cancer (x-± sx-)
T2 cm≥ 5 cm
Early cancer (n = 5)1.63 ± 0.421.07 ± 0.291.50 ± 0.22
Advanced cancer (n = 15)6.63 ± 1.12a2.80 ± 0.34a1.94 ± 0.29