Systematic Reviews
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World J Gastroenterol. Apr 14, 2023; 29(14): 2202-2221
Published online Apr 14, 2023. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v29.i14.2202
Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies
Ref.CountryDesignStudy periodStudy population
Early-stage gastric MALT lymphoma, n
Lugano stage
Median follow-up in mo
H. pylori-positive early-stage GML, n
Diagnosis of H. pylori infection
Yang et al[18], 2021ChinaRetrospective2003-201570703052UBT; HE
Schmelz et al[19], 2019GermanyProspective2001-20101091091299HE
Sugizaki et al[20], 2018JapanProspective2010-2016979737.497HE; HpC; RUT; UBT; HpSA; S
Song et al[21], 2018ChinaProspective2000-20131221223847RUT; HE; UBT
Li et al[22], 2016ChinaRetrospective2001-2013757562.969HE; UBT
Kim et al[24], 2016KoreaRetrospective2001-201449495140HE; UBT; RUT
Moleiro et al[23], 2016KoreaRetrospective2005-201410310350.582RUT; UBT; HE
Park et al[25], 2016PortugalRetrospective1993-201310310310587HE; HpC; S; UBT
Grgov et al[26], 2015SerbiaProspective2002-20122020NR20RUT; HE
Nonaka et al[27], 2014JapanRetrospective2007-20121616NR12HE; S; UBT
Lima et al[28], 2014BrazilProspective2009-201088247RUT; HE; UBT
Wündisch et al[29], 2012GermanyProspective1993-1999120120122120HE
Choi et al[30], 2011KoreaRetrospective2003-2010353521.526HE; RUT; UBT
Ono et al[31], 2011JapanRetrospective2003-20092121113RUT; UBT; HpC; HE; S
Andriani et al[32], 2009ItalyRetrospective1993-200660606560HE
Sumida et al[33], 2009JapanProspective1997-200766664057HE; S; UBT
Stathis et al[34], 2009SwitzerlandRetrospective1990-200610510575.685HE; S; UBT
Terai et al[35], 2008JapanProspective1995-200674744670RUT; HE; S; UBT
Fischbach et al[36], 2007GermanyRetrospectiveNR10810842.2108HE; UBT
Kim et al[37], 2007KoreaProspective1996-200699994199HE; RUT
El-Zahabi et al[38], 2007LebanonRetrospective1999-200522221219HE; S
Hong et al[39], 2006KoreaProspective1996-200390904590HE; RUT; UBT
Wündisch et al[40], 2006GermanyRetrospective1993-200319619627196HE
Akamatsu et al[41], 2006JapanProspective1993-2006555537.338HpC; HE
Wündisch et al[42], 2005GermanyProspectiveNR12012075120HE
Montalban et al[43], 2005SpainProspective1993-200224246424HE; UBT
Chen et al[44], 2005TaiwanProspective1996-199934347031HE; RUT; S
Taji et al[45], 2005JapanProspective1995-2001131332.512HE; HpC; S; UBT; RUT
Takenaka et al[46], 2004JapanProspective1995-20023333533HpC; RUT
Fischbach et al[47], 2004GermanyProspectiveNR909044.680RUT; HE; UBT
Sheu et al[48], 2003TaiwanProspectiveNR1515NR15RUT; HE
Caletti et al[49], 2002ItalyProspective1997-199951512451HE; RUT; S
Nakamura et al[50], 2002JapanProspective1994-2001212114.517HpC; S
Liu et al[51], 2002France; Netherlands; Italy; Germany; EnglandRetrospectiveNR111111NR111HE; HpC
Bertoni et al[52], 2002England; Italy; SwitzerlandProspectiveNR62622462HE; S
Ohashi et al[53], 2002JapanProspectiveNR1313NR13RUT; HE; HpC
Kim et al[54], 2002KoreaProspectiveNR202018.320RUT; HE
Matsushima et al[55], 2002JapanProspective1995-1997141427.514RUT; HE; HpC; UBT
Kanda et al[56], 2001JapanProspective1994-19991313713HE
Raderer et al[57], 2001AustriaRetrospective1997-199922222522HE
Nakamura et al[58], 2001JapanProspective1994-1998414120.541HpC; S; HE
Ruskoné-Fourmestraux et al[59], 2001FranceProspective1995-199844443534HE; HpC; S; PCR
Thiede et al[60], 2001GermanyProspectiveNR979720.897NR
de Jong et al[61], 2001NetherlandsProspectiveNR23233723HE; HpC
Urakami et al[62], 2000JapanProspectiveNR47472047RUT; HE; HpC
Papa et al[63], 2000ItalyProspective1995-199977487HE; UBT
Yamashita et al[64], 2000JapanProspectiveNR2121NR21HE; RUT; HpC
Ohashi et al[65], 2000JapanProspectiveNR1111NR11RUT; HE; HpC
Nakamura et al[66], 2000JapanProspective1993-19983030NR26HpC
Savio et al[67], 2000ItalyProspective1991-19977676NR76HE
Weston et al[68], 1999United StatesProspectiveNR6868NR65HE
Steinbach et al[69], 1999United StatesProspectiveNR3434NR28HE; RUT; S
Nobre-Leitão et al[70], 1998PortugalProspectiveNR17171217HE; HpC
Thiede et al[71], 1997GermanyProspectiveNR8484NR84NR
Sackmann et al[72], 1997GermanyProspectiveNR22221022HE; HpC
Neubauer et al[73], 1997GermanyProspectiveNR50502450HE
Pinotti et al[74], 1997Italy; SwitzerlandProspective1986-1995868623.345HE; S
Savio et al[75], 1996Italy; EnglandProspective1991-19931313NR13HE
Bayerdörffer et al[76], 1995GermanyProspectiveNR333312.533HE
Roggero et al[77], 1995Switzerland; ItalyProspectiveNR26261226HE
Wotherspoon et al[78], 1993England; ItalyProspectiveNR66NR6HE
Table 2 Characteristics of studies reporting the complete remission rate of Helicobacter pylori-positive early-stage gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma after bacterial eradication
H. pylori-positive early-stage gastric MALT lymphoma, n
H. pylori-eradicated gastric MALT lymphoma patients, n
CR, n
t(11;18)(q21;q21)-investigated gastric MALT lymphoma, n
t(11;18)(q21;q21)-positive gastric MALT lymphoma, n
Eradication regimen
Yang et al[18]Asian524838NRNR7-d-14-d triple therapy or 10-d quadruple therapy
Schmelz et al[19]Western9999666977-d triple therapy
Sugizaki et al[20]Asian9786847317-d triple therapy
Song et al[21]Asian474735NRNR14-d triple therapy
Li et al[22]Asian696954NRNRND-day quadruple therapy
Kim et al[24]Asian403535NRNR7-d-14-d triple therapy or 7-d-14-d bismuth quadruple therapy
Moleiro et al[23]Western828177NRNR7-d triple therapy or 7-d bismuth quadruple therapy
Park et al[25]Asian878173NRNR7-d-14-d triple therapy
Grgov et al[26]Western202017NRNR10-d triple therapy
Nonaka et al[27]Asian12129NRNR7-d triple therapy
Lima et al[28]Western775847-d triple therapy or 10-d triple therapy
Wündisch et al[29]Western12012096661014-d dual therapy or 10-d triple therapy
Choi et al[30]Asian262622NRNRND-day triple therapy or ND-day bismuth quadruple therapy
Ono et al[31]Asian131313NRNR7-d-triple therapy
Andriani et al[32]Western605342NRNR7-d-14-d triple therapy or 10-d bismuth quadruple therapy
Sumida et al[33]Asian5757476677-d triple therapy
Stathis et al[34]Western858566NRNRND-day triple therapy
Terai et al[35]Asian7070562207-d triple therapy
Fischbach et al[36]Western10810835NRNRNR
Kim et al[37]Asian999984NRNR7-d triple therapy or 7-d bismuth quadruple therapy
El-Zahabi et al[38]Asian19198NRNRND-day quadruple therapy
Hong et al[39]Asian909085NRNR14-d triple therapy or 14-d bismuth quadruple therapy
Wündisch et al[40]Western196193146NRNRNR
Akamatsu et al[41]Asian383829867-d triple therapy or ND-day quadruple therapy
Wündisch et al[42]Western12012096651014-d dual therapy or 10-d triple therapy
Montalban et al[43]Western242422NRNR14-d triple therapy
Chen et al[44]Asian313024NRNR14-d triple therapy
Taji et al[45]Asian1212713414-d triple therapy
Takenaka et al[46]Asian333126NRNRND-day triple therapy
Fischbach et al[47]Western808056NRNR7-d triple therapy
Sheu et al[48]Asian151511NRNR14-d triple therapy
Caletti et al[49]Western514525NRNR7-d triple therapy
Nakamura et al[50]Asian1717223714-d triple therapy
Liu et al[51]Western111111481114414-d dual therapy
Bertoni et al[52]Western626246NRNR7-d triple therapy; 14-d triple therapy or 14-d bismuth quadruple therapy
Ohashi et al[53]Asian131311NRNR14-d triple therapy
Kim et al[54]Asian202018NRNR7-d triple therapy or 7-d bismuth quadruple therapy
Matsushima et al[55]Asian141410NRNRND-day triple therapy
Kanda et al[56]Asian13129NRNRND-day dual therapy or ND-day triple therapy
Raderer et al[57]Western222115NRNRND-day dual therapy or ND-day triple therapy
Nakamura et al[58]Asian414129NRNRND-day triple or ND-day quadruple therapy
Ruskoné-Fourmestraux et al[59]Western343419NRNR14-d triple therapy
Thiede et al[60]Western979777NRNR14-d dual therapy or 7-d triple therapy
de Jong et al[61]Western232313NRNRND-day dual therapy; ND-day triple therapy or ND-day quadruple therapy
Urakami et al[62]Asian474442NRNR7-d-14-d triple therapy
Papa et al[63]Western777NRNR7-d triple therapy
Yamashita et al[64]Asian212114NRNR14-d triple therapy
Ohashi et al[65]Asian11119NRNR14-d triple therapy
Nakamura et al[66]Asian262513NRNR14-d dual therapy; 7-d triple therapy (14-d PPI); 14-d triple therapy
Savio et al[67]Western767671NRNRNR
Weston et al[68]Western655838NRNRND-day triple or ND-day quadruple therapy
Steinbach et al[69]Western282814NRNR21-d bismuth quadruple therapy
Nobre-Leitão et al[70]Western171717NRNR14-d triple therapy
Thiede et al[71]Western847968NRNRNR-day-dual or 7-d-triple therapy
Sackmann et al[72]Western222212NRNR14-d-dual therapy
Neubauer et al[73]Western505040NRNR14-d-dual therapy or 7-d-triple therapy
Pinotti et al[74]Western454430NRNR14-d-triple or quadruple therapy
Savio et al[75]Western131211NRNRNR-day-triple or quadruple therapy
Bayerdörffer et al[76]Western333323NRNR14-d-dual therapy
Roggero et al[77]Western26255NRNR14-d-triple therapy
Wotherspoon et al[78]Western665NRNRNR-day-dual or triple therapy
Table 3 Meta-regression according to selected covariates
Studies, n
P value
I2, %
≤ 201554---92.5
> 201570.11-0.03 to 0.250.1188
Western32-0.06-0.15 to 0.030.2145
Proportion of patients with t(11;18)(q21;q21)-positive gastric MALT lymphoma
≤ 30%7
> 30%4-0.40-0.59 to -0.22< 0.000188.6
Risk of bias92.3
Moderate210.02-0.07 to 0.120.6190
High1-0.43-0.77 to -0.090.0139

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