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World J Gastroenterol. Apr 14, 2023; 29(14): 2101-2113
Published online Apr 14, 2023. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v29.i14.2101
Table 1 Studies comparing endoscopic and surgical management of chronic pancreatitis
No. of patients (n), surgery/endoscopy
Complete and partial pain relief (%), surgery/endoscopy
Complication (%), surgery/endoscopy
Mortality (n), surgery/endoscopy
Follow up (mo), surgery/endoscopy
Díte et al[12], 2003Czech Republic36/3686/61Not reported0/060
Cahen et al[20], 2011Netherlands16/1580/380/250/179
Hong et al[19], 2011 China27/3577/4714/221/060
Kawashima et al[17], 2018Japan41/10100/10020/270/0-
Jiang et al[18], 2018 China40/4683/8026/80/063.5/57.3
Issa et al[21], 2020Netherlands44/4458/3927/250/018
Table 2 Studies on laparoscopic Puestow procedure
No. of patients (n)
Mean operative time (min)
Mean hospital stay (d)
Conversion (n)
Follow up, (mo)
Complete pain relief (%)
Kurian et al[72], 1999United States5240.03-7NilNil30.080.0
Tantia et al[73], 2004India17277.05.24Nil12.0 82.3
Palanivelu et al[74], 2006India12172.05.0NilNil52.8 83.3
Khaled et al[75], 2014United Kingdom6278.07.0Not reportedNil14.2 66.7
Sahoo et al[76], 2014India12265.55.8 NilNil16.5 100 (follow up reported for 8 patients)
Kim and Hong[77], 2016Korea11200.07.0NilNil21.0100
Bhandarwar, et al[78], 2019India28189.7 5.84Nil12.087.5
Rege et al[79], 2019India32131.2 5.2 1Nil14.2 75.0
Javed et al[80], 2020India41180.05.0ExcludedNil43.6 91.0
Nag et al[81], 2022India33300.07.0NilNil25.071.0
Table 3 Studies on laparoscopic Frey’s procedure
Patients (n)
Mean operative time (min)
Mean hospital stay (d)
Conversion (n)
Follow up (mo)
Complete and partial pain relief
Tan et al[88], 2015 China9323 7 2Nil3Not reported
Kilburn et al[89], 2017Australia4130 7 NilNil26100%
Senthilnathan et al[90], 2019India152716.4 10 out of 57 patients in different armsNil6088%