Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 21, 2022; 28(7): 755-762
Published online Feb 21, 2022. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v28.i7.755
Table 1 Case descriptions of gastrocnemius myalgia syndrome reported in Crohn’s disease
Age (yr)/sex at GMS onset
Initial presentation, time-to-onset
Active CD at time of GMS dx
CK serum level
Corticosteroids-dependence (d) or resistance (r)
Ménard et al[8], 197644/MMuscular, 2 moNoNGranulomatous myositis PDS1 (80 mg/d)No
Gilliam et al[13], 198119/MDigestive, 6 moYesNNecrotizing vasculitisPDS1 (60 mg/d)No
Hall et al[10], 198532/FMuscular, 120 moYesNNon-granulomatous myositis 5-ASA1, PDS1 (25 mg/d)No
Drabble and Gani[14], 199250/MDigestive, 168 moYesNNot performedHydrocortisone1 (400 mg/d), PDS1No
Disdier et al[11], 1997, Case 126/FMuscular, 48 moYesNNecrotizing vasculitisPDS1 (60 mg/d), CYC1, 5-ASA1Yes (r)
Disdier et al[11], 1997, Case 221/FSimultaneousYesNVasculitisPDS (1 mg/kg/d), AZA1Yes (d)
Christopoulos et al[3], 200319/FSimultaneousYesNGranulomatous myositisPDS1 (0.5 mg/kg/d)No
Ullrich et al[15], 200925/FDigestive, 84 moYesNVasculitisPDS (50 mg/d), AZA, IFX1Yes (d)
Co et al[16], 201015/FDigestive, 8 moYesNNot performedIFX1/
Mogul et al[17], 201015/MDigestive, 60 moNoNNon-granulomatous myositis PDS1 (40 mg/d), MTX1No
Piette et al[18], 201045/MSimultaneousYes(3-13 × N)VasculitisPDS1 (1 mg/kg/d)No
Goldshmid et al[19], 201124/FSimultaneousYes(330 U/L)Not performed MPDS (100 mg/d), IFX1, AZA1Yes (d)
Vadala di Prampero et al[20], 201626/MDigestive, 72 mo YesNNon-granulomatous myositisPDS (60 mg/d), AZA1 (chronic), Adalimumab1Yes (d)
Saffar[12], 201733/FDigestive, 120 moYesNNot performedPDS, IFX1Yes (r)
Osada et al[9], 201838/MDigestive, 3 moYesNNon-granulomatous myositisPDS, AZA1, 5-ASA1Yes (d)
Current case33/FSimultaneousYesNGranulomatous myositis MDPS (0.8/kg/d), IFX1Yes (d)