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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 28, 2019; 25(28): 3722-3737
Published online Jul 28, 2019. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i28.3722
Table 1 Characteristics and intraoperative data of 7 randomized controlled trials included studies comparing pancreatogastrostomy vs pancreatojejunostomy
Pancreatic parenchyma (soft/hard)
First authorCountryPubrication yearSettingn (PG/PJ)PG groupPJ groupPG groupPJ group
Fernandez-Cruz et al[30]Spain2008Single center108 (53/55)24/2925/30Double layer with stentDouble layer with stent
Wellner et al[31]Germany2012Single center116 (59/57)36/2329/28InvaginationDouble layer with stent
Topal et al[32]Belgium2013Multiple canters329 (162/167)N/AN/ADouble or single layerDouble or single layer
Figueras et al[33]Spain2013Multiple canters123 (65/58)34/3133/58Double or single layerDouble layer with stent
El Nakeeb et al[34]Egypt2014Single center90 (45/45)26/1922/23Double layerDouble layer without stent
Grendar et al[35]Canada2015Single center98 (48/50)25/2318/32Double layerDouble layer with or without stent
Keck et al[5]Germany2016Multiple canters320 (171/149)95/6683/62InvaginationDuct-to-mucosa
Table 2 Characteristics and intraoperative data of 7 randomized controlled trials included studies comparing invagination vs duct-to-mucosa

Pancreatic parenchyma (soft/ hard)
Use of smatostatin analogs

First authorCountryyearD to MInvD to MInvD to MInvD to MInvResult
Peng et al[56]China200711110639/7237/69NANoNoNoInvagina-tion significan-tly reduced POPF
Berger et al[57]United States20089710050/4751/49Intraoper-ative temporaryNoNoNoInvaginat-ion significan-tly reduced POPF
Senda et al[58]Japan2018615931/3030/29YesYesNANANS
Bai et al[59]China2016646836/2844/2447 used52 used2 used12 usedD to M significan-tly reduced POPF
El Nakeeb et al[60]Egypt2018535425/2827/27Intraoper-ative temporaryIntraoper-ative temporaryNANANS
Singh et al[61]India2017979642/5548/4815 used26 used38 used31 usedNS
Maggiori et al[62]France2010252211/1410/12NANA11 used10 usedNS