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World J Gastroenterol. Jun 28, 2018; 24(24): 2582-2595
Published online Jun 28, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i24.2582
Table 1 Main characteristics of the studies on hepatocellular carcinoma occurrence
Ref.Journal, yearCountryStudy designSample sizeMedian follow-up (mo)HCC cumulative incidence (%)Risk factorsNotes
Conti et al[8]J Hepatol, 2016ItalyRetrospective20763.1cirrhosis, child class B, low platelet countNo control group
Cheung et al[15]J Hepatol, 2016United KindomProspective406185.4 in SVR groupNAControl groups: Non-SVR with HCC incidence of 11.3%
Kozbial et al[12]J Hepatol, 2016AustriaRetrospective16NA6.6NALetter to editor
Cardoso et al[10]J Hepatol, 2016PortugalRetrospective54127.4NALetter to editor
Kanwal et al[13]Gastroenterology, 2017United StatesRetrospective22500NA1.2cirrhosis, alcohol useHCC incidence: 0.9% in SVR, 2.9% in non-SVR
Zeng et al[18]J Hepatol, 2016ChinaRetrospective21150NALetter to editor
Calleja et al[14]J Hepatol, 2017SpainRetrospective3325180.93NA-
Ioannou et al[31]J Hepatol, 2017United StatesRetrospective21948182NAHCC incidence: 1.4% in SVR, 8.1% in non-SVR
Mettke et al[17]Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 2017GermanyProspective158153.7MELD score, AFP levelHCC incidence in untreated: 7.6%
Nakao et al[9]J Hepatol, 2017JapanRetrospective242152.8NALetter to editor
Calvaruso et al[19]Gastroenterology, 2018ItalyPWrospective2249143.5low albumin level, absence of SVR, low platelet countThe rate of HCC at 1 yr was 2.9%.
Table 2 Main characteristics of the studies on hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence
Ref.Journal, yearCountryStudy designSample sizePrevious HCC treatmentMedian follow-up (mo)HCC recurrence rate (%)Risk factorsNotes
Reig et al[7,37,38]J Hepatol, 2016 and 2017 - Semin Liv Dis, 2017SpainRetrospective77Ablation, resection, TACE11.227.3NAUpdated cohort of the 58 patients reported in J Hepatol 2016
Conti et al[8]J Hepatol, 2016ItalyRetrospective59Ablation, resection, TACE1228.8age, liver stiffness-
ANRS - HEPATHER et al[43]J Hepatol, 2016FranceProspective189NA2012.7NA-
ANRS - CirVir et al[43]J Hepatol, 2016FranceProspective13Ablation, resection16.57.7NA-
ANRS - CUPILT et al[43]J Hepatol, 2016FranceProspective314Bridge therapy before LT (Ablation, resection, TACE, chemotherapy)72.2NA-
Calleja et al[14]J Hepatol, 2017SpainRetrospective70NA2030NA-
Cabibbo et al[50]APT, 2017ItalyProspective143Ablation, resection, TACE921previous recurrence, tumour size-
Minami et al[55,56]J Hepatol 2016 - Abs AASLD 2017JapanRetrospective163Ablation, resection, TACE, radiotherapy14.554.4AFP-L3, DCP, number of previous treatment for HCC, interval between last HCC treatment and DAA startAbstract of AASLD 2017
Virlogeux et al[46]Liver Int 2017FranceRetrospective23Ablation, resection, TACE1347.8NA-
Zeng et al[18]J Hepatol, 2016ChinaRetrospective10Ablation150NALetter to Editor
Ogawa et al[48]Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 2017JapanProspective152Ablation, resection, TACE, radiotherapy1716.5cirrhosis, time from previous HCC treatment < 1 yr, non-curative HCC treatment (TACE, radiotherapy)-
Cheung et al[15]J Hepatol 2016United KingdomProspective29NA156.8NA-
Torres et al[44]J Hepatol 2016United StatesProspective8Ablation, resection, proton therapy120NALetter to Editor
Yang et al[41]J Hepatol 2016United StatesProspective18Bridge therapy before LT: Ablation, TACENA27.8NALetter to Editor; untreated patients: 9.5%
Bielen et al[29]J Viral Hepat 2017BelgiumRetrospective41LT, ablation, resection, TACE3214.6SVR-
Ikeda et al[45]Dig Dis Sci 2017JapanRetrospective177Ablation, resection, TACE, radiotherapy20.734.5multiple HCC treatment, AFP level, Prothrombin time-
Kolly et al[39]J Hepatol 2017Germany, Belgium, SwitzerlandProspective56Ablation, resection, TACE2142.5time from previous HCC treatmentLetter to Editor
Nagata et al[30]J Hepatol 2017JapanRetrospective83Ablation, resection27.629SVR, AFP, WFA-M2BP-
Shimizu et al[52]Indian J Gastroenterol 2017IndianRetrospective23RFA, TACE, radiationNA43HBcAb positivity, TACE-
Mashiba et al[57]Plos one 2018JapanRetrospective368NA24NAAFP level, SVR, clinical stage of HCC-

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