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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 7, 2018; 24(1): 5-14
Published online Jan 7, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i1.5
Table 1 Main case series and reports of fecal microbiota transplantation in ulcerative colitis patients
Ref.UC (n)Stool materialVolume infusionInfusion routeFrequencyDonor relationshipCharacteristics of outcomes
Kump et al[92], 201315Fresh100 to 150 gRectosigmoidoscopy1UnrelatedNone of the patients achieved CR
300-500 mL
Kunde et al[75], 201310Fresh70 to 130 g 60 mLEnemas5Related33% patients achieved CR at 1 wk
Angelberger et al[72], 20135Fresh60 gNasojejunal tube5Related or unrelated(0/5) patients demonstrated a remission
250 mL
Suskind et al[93], 20154NR30 gNasogastric Tube1Related or unrelated(0/4) patients demonstrated a remission
100 mL
Kellermayer et al[86], 20153FrozenNRColonoscopy22-30A single donor(3/3) patients demonstrated a remission
Damman et al[94], 20157Fresh175-290 mLColonoscopy1Related or unrelated(1/7) patients demonstrated a temporary remission
Wei et al[67], 201511Fresh60 gColonoscopy5UnrelatedThe Mayo scores of all patients decreased at 4 wk
300 mL
Cui et al[66], 201515NRNRGastroscope channel11 (73.3%) related; 2 (26.7%) unrelated28.6% patients achieved CR
Vermeire et al[95], 20168Fresh100 gNasojejunal tube or colonoscopy2Related(2/8) demonstrated a remission at week 8
200 mL
Table 2 Recent randomized, controlled trials of fecal microbiota transplantation in ulcerative colitis patients
Ref.Rossen et al[69], 2015Moayyedi et al[70], 2015Paramsothy et al[96], 2017
n (UC/placebo)48 (23/25)75 (38/37)85 (42/43)
UC arm50 mL, nasoduodenal, healthy donors50 mL enema, healthy donors150 mL, colonoscopic, unrelated donors
Placebo armAutologous FMT50 mL enema, water150 mL, colonoscopic, isotonic saline
FrequencyAt weeks 0 and 3Once weekly for 6 wk5 d per week for 8 wk
Evaluation criterionRemission (SCCAI ≤ 2 + ≥ 1-point decrease in the Mayo endoscopic score) at week 12Remission (a Mayo score ≤ 2 with an endoscopic Mayo score of 0) at week 7Remission (Mayo score ≤ 2, all subscores ≤ 1, and ≥ 1 point reduction in endoscopic subscore) at week 8.
Results30% with FMT vs 20% controls (P = 0.51)24% with FMT vs 5% placebo (P = 0.03)27% with FMT vs 8% placebo (P = 0.021)