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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 28, 2010; 16(40): 5035-5041
Published online Oct 28, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i40.5035
Table 1 Overview of included trials
AuthorTrialQoL 1˚ or2˚ endpointNo. of patients
Conversionrate (%)PatientsSurgeryQoL measuresTiming of measures
LapOpenPre operativePost operative
Janson et al[28]ColorPrimary13015517.7Colon cancerColon resectionEORTC-C30, EQ-5DYes2, 4 and 12 wk
King et al[33,34]Secondary41190.0Colorectal cancerColorectal resectionEORTC-C30 and C38Yes2 and 6 wk
Secondary4111913, 6 and 12 mo
Guillou et al[4], Jayne et al[35]1ClassicSecondary52626829.0Colorectal cancerColorectal resectionEORTC-C30 and C38Yes2 and 12 wk
Secondary69626, 18 and 36 mo
Braga et al[29]ConsortSecondary1902014.2Colorectal cancerColorectal resectionSF-36No1, 2 and 4 yr
Weeks et al[30]CostPrimary22822125.7Colon cancerColon resectionQLI, SDS, Global QoLYes2 d, 2 and 8 wk
Schwenk et al[31]Primary3030-Colorectal cancerColorectal resectionEORTC-C30Yes1, 4 and 12 wk
Klarenbeek et al[1]SigmaSecondary525219.2DiverticulitisSigmoid resectionSF-36Yes6 wk
Maartense et al[32], Eshuis et al[36]1Primary303010.0Crohn’s diseaseIleocolic resectionSF-36, GIQLIYes1, 2, 4 and 12 wk
Secondary2912616.7 yr3
Maartense et al[2],Primary30300.0UC and FAPRP & IPAASF-36, GIQLIYes1, 2, 4 and 12 wk
Polle et al[37]1Secondary2612711 yr3
Table 2 Outline of results
Timing QoL measure
Pre operative2 d1-2 wk4-8 wk12 wk6 mo1 yr1.5-2 yr3-6.7 yr
AuthorQoL measure
Janson et al[28]EORTC-C30NS-LAP (2/15)LAP (1/15)NS----
EQ-5DOPEN (1/5)-NSNSNS----
King et al[33,34]EORTC-C30NS-NSNSNSNSNS--
Guillou et al[4],EORTC-C30NS1-NS1-NS1NS1NS1NS1
Jayne et al[35]EORTC-C38NS1-NS1-NS1NS1NS1NS1
Braga et al[29]SF-36------LAP (2/3)LAP (1/3)NS
Weeks et al[30]QLINS-NSNS-----
Global QOLNS-LAPNS-----
Schwenk et al[31]EORTC-C30NS-LAP (9/15)LAP (3/15)NS----
Klarenbeek et al[1]SF-36NS--LAP (4/8)-----
Maartense et al[32],SF-36NS-NSNSNS---NS
Eshuis et al[36]GIQLINS-NSNSNS---NS
Maartense et al[2],SF-36NS-NSNSNS-NS--
Polle et al[37]GIQLINS-NSNSNS-NS--