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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 7, 2010; 16(1): 76-82
Published online Jan 7, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i1.76
Table 1 Indications and results of 283 MRI investigations of the small intestine
Clinical indication for MRInTotal
Suspected CDDiagnostic MRI in patients with suspected CD not confirmed at endoscopy156156
Known CDExtension of newly diagnosed CD detected at endoscopy17
Evaluation of disease activity and extension or suspected complications of known CD110127
Results of MRI- enterographiesCD in the small intestine8731%
Entero-enteric fistula41.4%
Intra-abdominal abscess20.7%
Suspected IBD in the colon3512%
Table 2 Previously unknown extra-intestinal findings in 58 patients
E0Female genitalsSuspected multi-cystic ovaries1
E2LiverHepatic cysts3
KidneyRenal cysts19
Renal anatomical variants3
Reduced kidney size1
Metallic artifact in the kidney1
Female genitalsLeiomyomas in the uterus4
Ovarian cysts14
MiscellaneousAtrophy of the abdominal musculature after surgery1
Small amounts of free abdominal fluid3
E3LiverLarge hepatic cyst with displacement of the right kidney1
Urinary tractBilateral nephropathy with reduced kidney size12
Large bladder2
Female genitalsFree fluid in the pelvis and suspected leiomyoma of the uterus1
Two lobulated and cystic lesions in the pelvis1
Bilateral hip joint effusion1
Lymphadenopathy in the mesentery1
Spondylosis and spinal stenosis1
E4Focal hepatic lesion (atypical hepatic hemangioma)1
Unexplained mass in conjunction to the ovaries3
Abdominal aortic aneurysm1
Table 3 Previously unknown extra-intestinal findings leading to further examinations and the result of diagnostic work-up
Extra-intestinal findingClinical interventionResult of diagnostic work-up
5 true positive findingsAbdominal aortic aneurysm (E4)CT-scan of the aortaAbdominal aortic aneurism without rupture
Focal hepatic lesion (E4)Contrast-enhanced US and biopsy (atypical hemangioma)Hemangioma
Two unexplained masses in conjunction to the ovaries (E4)GE and transvaginal USLeiomyomas
Free fluid in the pelvis and suspected leiomyoma of the uterus (E3)GE and transvaginal USLeiomyoma
Large bladder (E3)Transrectal US and biopsyProstate cancer
Abdominal CT scan
Biochemistry (PSA)
3 false positive findings4.5 cm cystic lesion with an excrescens associated with the cyst wall (E4)GE and transvaginal USNormal
2.9 cm solid lesion in the pelvis and displacement of the uterus (E4)GE and transvaginal USNormal
Multicystic ovaries (E0)GE and transvaginal USNormal
Results not availableBilateral hip joint effusion (E3)Referred for US examinationThe patient did not attend the examination
Table 4 Sixteen incidental findings located in the colon and their clinical impact
FindingnClinical interventionResult of diagnostic work-up
Suspected benign neoplasia (3 cm large polyp)1Colonoscopy and CT-colonographyNormal
Indeterminate thickening of the cecum mucosa2ColonoscopyNormal
Displacement of the cecum3--
Suspected malignant neoplasia1Colonoscopy and abdominal CT scanNormal