Brief Article
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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 7, 2010; 16(1): 56-62
Published online Jan 7, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i1.56
Table 1 Investigations performed on patients prior to DBE
1WCE: ?small sessile polyp in mid-small bowel
2Intra-operative enteroscopy with polypectomy
MRI enteroclysis: normal
3OGD: polyps in stomach and duodenum
MRI: 3 big polyps in small bowel
4WCE: multiple polyps in mid-small bowel
5WCE: possible polyp in ileum
6WCE: ?polyps seen in small bowel, ?intermittent intussusception Colonoscopy: polyp in rectum
7WCE: normal, Abdominal Ultrasound: enlarged spleen
8WCE: no source of bleeding
9OGD, WCE: lymphonodular hyperplasia in duodenum of little clinical significance
10OGD, WCE: no positive findings
11OGD, Ileo-colonoscopy, WCE: multiple blue rubber bleb nevus lesions throughout bowel
12WCE: angioma in small bowel
13WCE: polyp in mid-small bowel
14WCE: multiple polyps seen throughout the small bowel including a lymphangitic polyp
Table 2 Details of indications, approach and findings in patients undergoing DBE
Patient No.Age/SexIndicationApproachComplete /incompleteFindings
113/MPJSOral + analCompleteRectal polyp
212/MPJSOral320 cm1Small polyp in jejunum
316/MPJSIntra-operativeComplete3 small polyps removed endoscopically and 3 large polyps removed surgically
411/MPJSOral250 cm1Multiple polyps in mid-small bowel
59/MPJSOralIncompleteMid-small bowel polyp
610/FChronic abdominal painOral + analUp to 200 cm1 trans-orally, 35 cm TI proximal to ICV trans-anallyNormal
716/MChronic abdominal pain with family history of colorectal carcinomaOral + analCompleteTubulo-villous adenoma in duodenum; Lymphoid aggregates in ileum
811/MUpper GI bleeds/possible vascular malformationOral300 cm1Grade 1 esophageal varices; no source found in small bowel
916/MOccult bleedingOral200 cm1No source found
108/MOccult bleedingOral + via ileal stomaCompleteIncreased friable mucosa throughout the small bowel
1112/FBlue rubber bleb syndrome with persistant GI bleedingOral + anal2001 cm trans-orally, 50 cm proximal to ICV trans-anallyNumerous angiomas throughout small bowel not amenable to therapy
129/FAngiomaOralIncompleteAngioma identified: APC applied
1316/MOccult bleeding with significant anemiaOral + analCompletePolyp 40 cm from TI: removed
1412/FCowden’s syndromeOral + analCompleteMultiple polyps: 2 snare polypectomies; Meckel’s diverticulum found