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Graduated (MD) from the University Medical School, Krakow, Poland, where he also received PhD (pathology) and DSc (gastroenterology) and served as Assistant and Associate Professor & V-Chair, Dept of Gastroenterology. Following GI fellowship at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, United States. He was appointed as Associate Professor (1982-86) and full Professor (1986-present) at the University of California, Irvine, United States. He served as: V-chair and Associate Chair, American Gastroenterological Association/EGD 1997-1999 and 2008-2010; Scientific Director, Shimoda Symposia on Mucosal Defense in Japan (8 x), Chairman of Research Fora at DDW/AGA annual meetings (12 times; 1996-2011), Chair, Pasteur Institute Euroconference 2005 and as Chair and or Co-chair of 68 International Symposia. Publications, presentations & grants: 343 full, peer reviewed publications (Lancet, Nature Med., JCI, Gastroenterology (over 30 papers), Hepatology, Gut, FASEB J, Am. J. Pathol, Am. J. Physiol, Am. J. Gastroenterology and others); 20 book chapters; 501 presentations at international & United States meetings; 20 peer reviewed funded grants (NIH, VA Merit Review 1984- present), 4 United States patents. Clinical and Research interest: endoscopic/histologic/functional assessment of injury and protection of gastrointestinal mucosa; cellular and molecular mechanisms of gastroduodenal and esophageal ulcer healing-role of growth factors, signaling pathways, angiogenesis, NSAIDs, prostaglandins and H. pylori toxins; injury and protection of portal hypertensive gastric mucosa and aging gastric mucosa; confocal endomicroscopy and molecular imaging; gene therapy. Received numerous prestigious academic honors, including Glaxo International Research Award, Athalie-Clarke, Merentibus Medal, Peregrinator of Science awards and others. Memberships: American Gastroenterological Association (Fellow), American College of Gastroenterology (Fellow), British Society of Gastroenterology, Japanese Society of Gastroenterology (Honorary), Hungarian Society of Gastroenterology (Honorary), American Society for Investigative Pathology, Association of American Physicians (by election) and others. Editorial Boards-9 scientific journals. Sixteen of his former GI Clinical Fellows and/or Residents or Research postdoctoral fellows hold academic positions in United States Medical Schools (4 being Chairs of Departments). Twenty of his former international trainees and/or associates hold academic positions abroad (France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland).